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  • Hey RickRock,

    before i ask my question i just wanted to say that i have read A LOT of your posts and read the whole leangains forum. thats why i am coming to you.

    is there any chance i could receive some of your wisdom on the topic of bulking while on leangains. i have lost a fair bit of weight and know weigh in at 74kg. i have decided to begin bulking, however, just wondering for a 20 y/r if you recommend adding an additional workout day... 4 days a week. your thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated RickRock.

    cheers mate.
    Hi rick i saw that you had taken epistane before I was wondering i could get any tips on a pct ill be running a moderate dose of epistane for five weeks 18/36/36/36/36. I'm not looking to make huge gains maybe just 5 pounds. I also can't get a serm and was wondering if it's really necessary since this is my first cycle and probably my only cycle for this year. I would really appreciate your help thank you.

    ps. i am taking a liver support with this
    you still online? i have a quick question...
    thanks alot man, i really do appreciate it. good luck on future endeavors, ill be following.
    hi there,

    big fan of your posts and great accomplishments, way to go bro.

    Since you are the "go to guy" when it comes to Superdrol, i have a few questions if you don't mind me asking them.

    1st cycle ever, considering Beastdrol (10/10/20/20) and AndroHard (staring week 2 for 4 weeks)

    stats: 31 yrs old, 179lbs, 5'7, lifting for past 12 yrs, BF%11-13

    supps along cycle: N2guard, HCGenerate, unleashed, forma-stanzol, Bridge, and Tamoxifen Citrate.

    diet is clean (40/40/20) close to 4000 cal. sleep is good as well.

    please critique, advice, negative, positive, it's all good, just hit me with it.

    i am also open to changing everything and researching more, be it switch to Test E, Heladrol, D-Bol, whatever it is.

    Thank you very much
    rick, i've been following your success and i'm very impressed with your transformation. i have a question, when doing the inter. fasting while on tren and ultra. will i still need to consume the 10g of BCAA during fasting periods/cardio to prevent muscle breakdown? thanks.
    Hey I want to do the N2-Burn Log but I started a bottle on this past Sat. I would still like to do it if I can get another bottle or do you think cycling 2 bottles is too much? Let me know please.
    Hey. I have been wanting to start Lean Gains for awhile and as you can imagine Martin is a busy guy. I have already requested a consult with him and am in the waiting line. I was just wondering if you could give me some pointers to his guide. I've read it all and get it while not getting it lol. I am 21 M 5'11 around 180lbs and 12% bf. I'm been striving for that 6 pack look and just really wanna reach my fitness goals.
    yo man howd you get so ripped lol whatd you go with cycle wise? just curious
    Hi, I'm 40 and after much consternation about taking a PH, I finally decided to go with EPI by SSL. I've done a lot or research, but after reading so many different opinions, I feel more confused than before. Can you reccomend a couple things so I do this right?
    1) I'm taking a liver supplement during cycle along with all my regular supps, ie: zma, fish oil, multi vit, glutamine, etc. Is there anything else I should take during cycle? If so, what specific product.
    2) What should I take after cycle? The guy at Nutrishop says I only need a product called Testanon. Do I need to take a separate AI or something like Nolva also? Not sure and I want to do it safely.
    I really appreciate the help. If you recommend something, can you give me the specific name, there are so many options out there.
    Hi Rick, thanks for the accept.. :)
    It's the Fukin CATALINA WINE MIXER!!! See you there :D

    Wait a sec, did your picture get a lot more ripped since the last time I've seen it??? Looking Shredded!!!
    Hey man need some guidance I can get EPI, Halo, Winny tabs and Tren what would be a good stack with winny ? TREN/Winny or Halo/Winnylet me know.
    does ntbm have any sales going on right now?
    Hope ya don't mind me sending ya friend request, damn back is looking ripped Rick!
    hey bro can u help me out where to find a serm?
    I got some forged for pct man and for serm where can i get that at online or over the counter and do i take it after the beastdrol is done and still using katandrol.Also do i still use pct after beastdrol while using the katandrol on week three thru six and also with the serm. I have forged liver support to for during the cycle
    hey rick thanks and also when should i start taking the pct after the beastdrol or after the wboth are done in six weeks and my doasges are 10mg space out three times a day one in morning one before workout and one evening
    ey i got a stack of beast and katandrol to start off with i plan on running beast 1-4 qand 3-6 for katandrol pct forged what do you think.
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello RickRock13,

    Welcome to AM!

    Please take some time to check out our uniques feature here at Anabolicminds! Create your profile, track your diet and workout, join a group, or just graph your overall progress! Thanks for joining AM and enjoy your stay!
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