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    No longer have the files, at least not here. It's easy to do though. Build a template however you like and put the end weight for each microcycle. Then use the ROUNDUP function like this: ROUNDUP((WEIGHT*PERCENTAGE)/5,0)*5. Use this formula for the weight in every workout before the final one, and have the WEIGHT variable target the weight of the next workout. So if your final weight was 100lbs, if you target that cell with this formula and put .95 in the PERCENTAGE variable, you should get 95lbs for that workout. Do that for each one and it'll drop the weight by 5% each time. Or, you could enter a percentage elsewhere in the sheet and target that cell with each formula, just make sure you use the $ sign like this $A$1. That makes the reference absolute so where ever you copy it to, it will always refer to A1 or whatever cell/row you need.
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