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    PRE's "contact us" section not functioning

    That’s been malfunctioning for months. I believe there’s a banner with their email at the top; ask about their current sale if you’re about to order though
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    PRE Sale Heads Up

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    Msten and Anavar

    Msten 10mg / Var 50mg All that’s needed for a cut/recomp, I promise
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    Heads up PRE New Years Sale

    Hey what’s up guys, got this on Monday
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    PRE Black friday heads up

    Quoted from a newsletter email I got this morning; “Please enjoy the following discounts until Tuesday, Dec 3rd. BF25 - 25% off all orders below $100 BF30 - 30% off all orders over $100 BF35 - 35% off all orders over $200 BF40 - 40% off all orders over $350 *Combo Packs, Hex-D, and...
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    Unanswered oral trest vs td

    Why not PRE’s Td Trest?
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    Unanswered Anyone having problems with Premiere research essentials site?

    PRE is still active; apparently server needs to be updated. I know they just updated their SSL Certificate last week. Looks like they have annual updates that are slowly expiring/need updating. But they’re definitely not gone lol
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    Unanswered 11-oxo

    Never tried it and I think theirs is tablets now but you can get 11-oxo from Enhanced Formulations. Ask them for a discount code, usually works every time
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    Unanswered Heads up on PRE 35% Off Sale

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    Unanswered Oral test base

    Transdermal Trest works great
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    Unanswered Glycolog alternative

    Slim from Enhanced Formulations is the tits; it utilizes T2, which adds a whole effect of its own. I take it with slight carbs preworkout and the nutrient driven pump is something else
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    Unanswered Msten

    MedfitRX or PRE has it, plus they (PRE) have a sale right now for up to 30% off
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    Unanswered Heads up on Enhanced Formulations sale

    That would be a kickass cycle
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    Unanswered Heads up on Enhanced Formulations sale

    Also, non hormone related. Their Spliced product is the **** for all day muscle fullness. They usually throw samples of it in their orders