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    Olympus Labs 3-AD

    They're good to go for sure, use the AM20 for 20% off
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    Olympus Labs 3-AD

    Need 75-100mg for it to shine
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    Epiandro VS Androsterone (R-andro) Experiences

    Interesting, I would’ve expected Androsterone to get raving reviews, maybe it’s the combo of both together that made AndroHard so successful years back.
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    Trestolone TD Behemoth Labz

    Damn that’s some pricey trest, should’ve went with PRE’s 7-Alpha, way better price per mg
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    Epiandro VS Androsterone (R-andro) Experiences

    Just looking for constructive feedback on everyone’s experiences with both; and why one may choose to run one over the other. I understand R-Andro is suppose to be the stronger isomer, but I’m trying to hear from those that still prefer Epiandro over R-Andro, and why. Thanks guys
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    PRE SARMs Discounts

    Hey guys, just spreading the word
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    3AD vs Epiandro/Androsterone

    Enhanced has 30% off right now, might not be a bad time for OP to grab both products mentioned in the title 🤷‍♂️ But I agree^ 75mg is the sweet spot
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    PRE's "contact us" section not functioning

    That’s been malfunctioning for months. I believe there’s a banner with their email at the top; ask about their current sale if you’re about to order though
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    PRE Sale Heads Up

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    Msten and Anavar

    Msten 10mg / Var 50mg All that’s needed for a cut/recomp, I promise
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    Heads up PRE New Years Sale

    Hey what’s up guys, got this on Monday
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    PRE Black friday heads up

    Quoted from a newsletter email I got this morning; “Please enjoy the following discounts until Tuesday, Dec 3rd. BF25 - 25% off all orders below $100 BF30 - 30% off all orders over $100 BF35 - 35% off all orders over $200 BF40 - 40% off all orders over $350 *Combo Packs, Hex-D, and...
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    Unanswered oral trest vs td

    Why not PRE’s Td Trest?
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    Unanswered Anyone having problems with Premiere research essentials site?

    PRE is still active; apparently server needs to be updated. I know they just updated their SSL Certificate last week. Looks like they have annual updates that are slowly expiring/need updating. But they’re definitely not gone lol
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    Unanswered 11-oxo

    Never tried it and I think theirs is tablets now but you can get 11-oxo from Enhanced Formulations. Ask them for a discount code, usually works every time