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    PES- Amino IV

    One scoop should go in 6-10oz depending on your flavor, or 2 scoops in 12-16 Amino IV is mildly flavored so when mixed correctly it is delicious and refreshing. The initial feedback so far on the new formula is the best tasting amino acid product any of our local stores have tried! If you go...
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    Next PES Insider Deal???

    Depending on flavor and batch there is 300-600mg lactose per scoop. Only someone who is full on lactose intolerant would need to avoid it. Those who are just lactose sensitive have had a lot of success with Select. I think one thing that has plagued the industry for the last decade is the use...
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    How Good Is PES Select Peanut Butter Cup?

    It is hands down the best tasting protein powder in the industry. There...I said it.
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    Next PES Insider Deal???

    PM me the invoice numbers, ill check it out. Might be samples that we were OOS on
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    Ferulic Acid

    The original study is a print-only study. Here is the citation: Effect of ferulate on strength and body composition of weightlifters LR Bucci, G Blackman, W Defoyd, R Kaufmann… - J Appl Sports Sci Res, 1990 The book link talks about the study...
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    Protein Lesson 1 - Whey Protein Concentrate and Quality

    Lesson 1: Whey Protein Concentrate – What does your label say? Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is one of the most popular, if not the most popular form of whey protein in the supplement industry. It is the second ingredient in Select Protein, with Milk Protein Isolate being the first. We prefer...
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    Protein Lessons - Brought to you by PEScience

    Updated the first post :)
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    Protein Lessons - Brought to you by PEScience

    Starting this week, we will be writing one article per week for the next 2-3 months about one topic: PROTEIN! These articles are not just about protein powder, and some have nothing to do with Select Protein. Our goal is to help educate everyone on protein properly. There is a ton of...
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    PES in VS

    Yes, exactly. The category/product is not understood by mass markets. AnaBeta Elite has to compete with test boosters when you get into mainstream retail. Impossoble to get the message delivered that what they actually want is something like ABE. The 22 year old kid wanting to put on some mass...
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    Women taking ABE and/or ArA.

    Agreed. Anyone who wants muscle, male or female
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    Ergonine for women?

    Its good for anyone who might be looking to add some muscle mass, male or female
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    anabeta elite and xgels

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    Anabeta elite

    Take it whenever you want to cut hard. Start with just 1 cap per day...'tis potent!
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    PES in VS

    Thanks for all the support guys! Alphamine headed to stores now :) 3/8 Reset
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    Hmm... Forskolin Suppresses Expresion of ATGL...

    What do you disagree with exactly?