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    Lame idea but... any point in running proviron (for feel goods and drying) to bulbine?

    I’m in pct from a pretty long cycle.. running SNS Bulbine, which btw I should put some word out about. I thought I was a non responder to bulbine, however it took damn near the 4th week to notice anything but when it hit DAMN insane aggression massive pumps?? I half way thought this was a PH I...
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    Overkill supp, but want an opinion (rad140, ostarine s4)

    Sooo what’s up guys... I’m on hella stack right now but here’s my situation. I was in rad140 from a supplement store near me... HOLY BALLS DID THE GAIN TRAIN COME TO STATION. I was in for 4 weeks but sadly waited close to the end to grab another bottle to go for 8 weeks. They didn’t have it but...
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    Can you mega dose epiandro? Is it even beneficial?

    Yessir they messaged my inbox and hooked it up!! Appreciate it especially since it was an error on my end not yours!
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    Can you mega dose epiandro? Is it even beneficial?

    I’m stupid man... I was talking on FT while I got the order from iconic and I forgot the promo! Damn man!
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    Can you mega dose epiandro? Is it even beneficial?

    The only thing I have against TD... I bought some well known brand I think it was iconic formulations from Amazon.. a random seller. The bottle didn’t exactly match the stats on the website but it was the same bottle.. all it did was give me intense headaches.. I’m not sure if it was a rip off...
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    Can you mega dose epiandro? Is it even beneficial?

    I’m talking like 2100-2400mg a day.. any added benefit? I ask because my source kinda fell through.. I was running test+ proviron and barely had any benefits.. to the point I added rad140 to free up some free test and ended up dropping the test (I was running 750mg a week test e) When I...
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    Supreme labs first contest

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    Winstrol worth it to add to test 300mg e3d with slightly higher body fat? (17-18%)

    Could any benefit be had adding winstrol to a test cycle in a cut? What do you think I’d notice? I’m dieting real clean and losing about 1-2 lbs a week depending on how motivated I was. But some weeks I notice level out. I read about certain orals (namely anavar) helping aid hepatic...
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    Unanswered Favorite Cycle You Ever Ran?

    Honestly I don’t know what made it how it was, but my first test prop stand-alone cycle. 150mg eod, and I was lean to begin with so I just filled out nice. And that feeling dude.. felt invincible. Felt so light on my toes; I could do any task without a hitch. “Oh you need me to work a 12 hour...
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    Citrulline and l arginine preworkout

    I am restricting calories right now on a cut, but I was still cutting when the l arginine was working. I have been keeping carbs low, but the weak feeling is around the time I dose the l arginine and l citrulline. I’ve yet, since noticing this, skipped dosing tho to see if it gets better as it’s...
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    Help with testosterone enanthate?

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    Help with testosterone enanthate?

    So this is my one confusion, as I’ve never run a long ester before my cycle now.. Could it be beneficial to start the HCG during the clearing period, to prep testicular function? And then when the two weeks is up start your serm(s) of choice? Not to steal from OP but in regards to a standard...
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    Citrulline and l arginine preworkout

    Hey so I have these individual tablets that I bought, as I don’t take a pre made preworkout.. I have caffeine pills and these tablets. Well the thing is, I started with the l arginine at about 4-5g preworkout... and it’s was pretty good! Nice pumps and everything. However then I added some l...
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    Bunk AstraZeneca pharma arimdex?

    Yea I kinda changed up a little too much eh? But I thought the AI worked right away, I was just excited to get pharma AI. Would’ve been nice to pop out of a blister pack instead of a nasty taking liquid from a vial
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    Unanswered How many of you have hair?

    They say it runs on your mothers side.. which I don’t believe as on my mother’s side her brother went bald in her 30s and my father started receding early 20s; same as me. However if it is passed down on mother’s side.. doesn’t that mean women are the reason we go bald? It would of always come...