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    Tren-E Test-E 12 Week Cycle

    x2... you should have under 12% bf and be hitting close to pr's before you jump on. Even if you make some kind of gains on this cycle you're going to lose all of them once you come off. Waste of gear and not worth the strain on your body imo
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    Schwellingtons summer bulk

    Subbed late as balls. What's up Bish???
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    6 week osta cycle w supports for recomp

    Hey guys here's my game plan: 6 week osta cycle @ 12.5 a day Week 4 start Erase and DAA run both for 4 weeks - total of 8 week cycle AI cycle support throughout. Ive ran osta before @ 25mg a day with good results but I did get slightly shutdown so this time i'm staying at 12.5mg Thoughts...
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    10 Week Ostarine Results/Sides

    GW ??
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    doctor said sreriods are bad for you

    Heres a link to that chart you lazy bastards :lol:
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    Igflr3 for pct

    Interested as well and also in using insulin in pct?
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    mid-cycle bloods came in today, suggestions on AI dosage?

    I would take 12.5mg EOD for the rest of the cycle into pct. You dont want to drop it too low.
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    big cycle almost over.... what now?

    Anyone ever tried running clomid and torem in PCT ?
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    This thread is full of lololols hahahah. OP ive had similar issues after a break up, etc and started blaming this or that but it was all mental. I'd go w the cialis or viagra route not that you need it but it takes the guess work out of it and gives you piece of mind.
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    Test E, Tbol, Proviron, Var, HCG 12 week cycle log w bloods and pics.. enjoy

    A day after that above workout I did some deep full body stretching along with: Declined sit ups w cable 3 x 30 pounds Leg press 475 x 10 550 x 10 595 x 10 650 x 10 595 x 10 Hip adductors inner thighs the whole stack whatever that is 3 x 10 Hip adductors outer thighs the whole stack...
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    Noob HCG question

    Ok i did that im just making sure i'm correct. Does this look right? 5000iu 10ml BA _______=________ 250iu 0.5cc So i would mix 10ml of BA water to 5000iu of HCG and pull out to the 50 tick on a 1ml slin pin to get 250iu per inject?
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    Noob HCG question

    So this is the 1st time ill be using HCG. Im on cycle now and want to do 250iu SubQ injects twice a week to keep the testies stimulated while on and make pct easier. Ok so i mix some BA water into the HCG ampule i have then draw it out and put it into a sterile vial. How much more BA water...
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    N2 guard

    Im on cycle now and using the N2Guard seems to be solid so far but only the bloodwork will tell for sure.
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    Test E, Tbol, Proviron, Var, HCG 12 week cycle log w bloods and pics.. enjoy

    Alright guys i ended up dumping the tbol. After only 3 days i had to many sides with it and switched to var at 60mg for my kickstart. The tbol would spike my bp even with a lot of water and hawthorn berry. I tried only taking 10mg every few hours and that didnt work. It also made me have this...
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    Test E, Tbol, Proviron, Var, HCG 12 week cycle log w bloods and pics.. enjoy

    Thanks my man ! Welcome! Yeah im looking for lean slow gains. Fast wet gains wont fly with my job and would be to noticable. Hell yeah! I hope so! Yeah im going to keep it in that range for a while and see how it treats me. Thanks welcome to the party ! Me either! Yeah ill tinker with...