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  1. The Performax Labs Insider Thread!

    Are you guys doing anything special on this fine day?
  2. Black Friday 2018 is upon us!

    Mind shooting me a PM?
  3. Anavar, Test Cyp, Deca Cycle Log (13 weeks - 2nd cycle)

  4. Mesomorph + VasoMax

    Better get on it quick if you want OG Meso. I haven't done this exact one but I've done Meso + Hemoval, Meso + Quake 10.0 stim free, Meso + high volume, Meso + noxygen all with good results. Quake and HV being my favorite to stack with meso. I'm sure vasomax would do wonderful as well
  5. My first Test E cycle.

    Have you tried the app? I hate the app but it works great for uploading pics
  6. The Arachidonic Acid Help Guide

    Personally, if I were you, I'd start with 4 gels (recommended dosing) and go from there. I notice a better pump with 6-8 but I'm usually anywhere between 190-200lbs. If you've never used them before, I'd highly recommend them assuming you don't have any inflammatory related health issues...
  7. USA 2lb Ghost Whey.......Blueberry Pastry

    Still available?
  8. The New Product Release Thread

    I've been wondering about "CCCD" all day and I think I just figured it out... Chocolate chip cookie dough!
  9. In the Mail ....

    We're nice people out here :) I've been to most of the cupcake shops in my area, I'm shocked I haven't heard of this one. How did you get into contact with them? Those look incredible
  10. Your first test cycle

    Anybody here with good knowledge mind sending me a pm? Have some questions but I wouldn't seem them new threadworthy. Thank you in advance :)
  11. i need help

    X-gels stacked with another Natty anabolic is probably going to be your best bet. See my list above. I forgot to mention CEL M-Test and Performax Massmax XT as well. I love epi products but I prefer to use them on a cut. Stamina goes up considerably
  12. i need help

    I agree, his PO would never know, in a perfect world. However, if he is somehow "busted" (traffic stop, snitch, etc...) possessing a controlled class III substance without a prescription, the legal ramifications will be much worse due to his probation status. End of story.
  13. i need help

    The legal implications are magnified being on probation though. Depending on the situation, a probation violation (possession of a controlled substance or something of that nature) could lead to house arrest, jail/prison time or many other less than desirable outcomes. My preferred Natty "test...
  14. The New Product Release Thread

    No real idea on the profile yet but if you've tried White Cut or Crimson, you know they deliver. Sorry, I'm not real tech savvy with this new phone but here's the link:
  15. The New Product Release Thread

    I'm looking forward to the new DVST8 by Inspired as well :)