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  1. 4 andro / 1 andro questions?

    Better to use a ratio of 1:3 of 4-Andro to 1-Andro. I am the patent holder. drink a large glass of grapefruit juice or take the Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone product to add in the 1-Andro. At that dose it should really be great for you
  2. 1-Andro Transdermal

    Shoot me a call
  3. 1-Andro Transdermal

    Is anyone interested in a transdermal and/or sublingual 1-Andro product?
  4. Supplement stack suggestions

    EAA/BCAA's are good along with protein and on cycle an anti-e is a good idea.
  5. Things to Add To Prohormones

    Here's what i suggest: Forskolin - upregulates 3bHSD and 17bHSD which increases conversion Zine - increases receptor activity L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate - increases receptor activity MCT Oil - increases receptor activity Laxogenin - increases protein synthesis (theory)
  6. Started Taking 1-Anrdo by Steel Supplements

    It's good just take a minimum of 300mg to get the maximum effect. Also, best to take your prohormones with Coconut oil and also add in some cheap Zinc. Those will help super charge your gains.
  7. Eurycoma Longifolia – Why LJ100® is Worth the Cost

    Big fan of LJ in general and the 100:1 extract too!
  8. 5aOHP vs. EpiAndro

    5aOHP is milder but honestly EPIANDRO doesn't seem to be terribly hard on the hairline (could be enzymatic). I would do a stack of the two at a ratio of 1 EpiAndro to 2 5aOHP. 100mg EpiAndro 200mg 5aOHP As an example
  9. Astragalus

    Astragulus is amazing stuff. When combined with testosterone boosters you get a major enhancement of ledig cells. Results Treatment with 100 μg/mL (P < 0.05) and 150 μg/mL AM (P < 0.01) significantly increased...
  10. PCT For SARM's

    PCT For SARMs -
  11. What do you think of SARM's being Scheduled?

    They are on the chopping block which means even more things will be taken off the market. These were never dietary supplements to begin with but they do build muscle mass. SARM Ban 2018 - Mind And Muscle
  12. 10% off the Ultimate Stack Prohormones at Mind and Muscle

    Save 10% off the Ulitamte Stack of Prohormones: Ultimate Andro Stack - Mind And Muscle 1 Pr - 1-Andro 1 Te - 4 Andro 1 Rise and Swell - Ultimate Test Booster (PCT) 1 Reversitol - Anti-Estrogenn Use code ULTIMATE10 to save 10% off of this stack!
  13. Currently taking DHEA & DAA, am I missing something?

    As for the DHEA, it works with an aromatase inhibitor. Not too many good ones on the market. Novedex XT if you can find it.
  14. Currently taking DHEA & DAA, am I missing something?

    You need the right form of DAA. This article explains
  15. CBD shut down in Federal Court- Remains Schedule I drug

    Isn't much of the CBD on the market extracted from Hemp?