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    Serious doubts about Ostarine!

    Currently running osta received from SS. Tastes like rubber cement. There is more than placebo with it. Reminds me of Havoc a bit, but weaker. I see no evidence to prove that it is the compound, except by blindly believing the company. It would be nice for the companies to provide maybe a bit of...
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    Bad habits?

    -self attacking -social anxiety, although I have come so far from where I was -OCD
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    started the osta today. Tastes like rubber cement, not that I have ever eaten rubber cement before. . . I had a very vigorous legs day workout. Upped cals to 4300 or so after taking the last week off eating strict. Back on to eating strict. Its going to be rocking. Hoping to get some bigger...
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 29 - weight 204. I have carbed up a bit. I ended my cut phase and have been refilling glycogen and such for the last couple days. Feeling absolutely fantastic and ready to get some muscle. No more messing around. Going to possibly build muscle and not focus on cutting for a year.
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 23 weighed in at 203. Diet 1 today. Eating perfect. I had a phenomenal shoulders workout today. Really felt a bunch of tension in all my lifts. My shoulders have always been my lagging muscle group. Fortunately, today they were quite pumped. I am looking forward to the next few days of...
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    Need a Favor!

    PlasmaJet is fantastic for pump.
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 22 - things are coming along. I just moved into a new apartment and had to help all of my roommates move in. This literally took all of yesterday and the day before. I have been almost perfect on diet. I ate a bit of excess on a meal last night due to missing meals because of moving. I am...
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    JP8x get diesel

    There is a demand! So get lots Nutra!
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 18 - weight 204-205 Diet 3 today, feeling good but super tired. I had a good back workout today. Holy cow, my veins were shooting off my arms today at the gym. They have never been quite this pronounced. I really am looking forward to putting on some size, feeling small . . . Also, tired...
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    currently during the first 5 weeks, I am just running ECA. After that, I will do an 8 week run of osta. So I start osta in 2 and a half weeks. Considering getting bloods done, but I don't want to shell out the $$$$$$$ Hoping i only get a bit of lethargy on the osta, thats it.
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 17 - weight 206, first day of diet change. I am doing diet 2 today and i have to say i am missing some of the carbs. Definitely carving up. I feel good because this is the leanest I have been and I am just starting 3 weeks of carb cycling. Hoping to tighten up some of that last flab skin at...
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    DAA and estrogen

    So, what would be a dosage of DAA and Arimidex that you would suggest?
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    Keto is it Dangerous?

    This is called his opinion on the diet. This is what you asked for - what people think about keto. I will echo his same thoughts to you as well. I think there are much better ways to go about things than craving carbs so bad that you want to stab someone. I have done plenty of keto and other...
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    Dropping a log - cut then slow bulk

    Day 10-12 stayed strict on diet. Weighing just shy of 208. Today, I threw in an extra 5 mile run today. It really drained me. I feel that I will definitely lose a lot of fat this week.
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    90% of the stuff on this site is BS

    Stackedcop is awesome, that is all. Continue your pissing contest.