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    Mr. Supps is looking for reps

    I am interested. I have lost contact with LG the last few PM's and really the last few years contact has been.. well anyways and I got more free time so PM sent.
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    SARMS cause shutdown and will only hinder pct...
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    Igf-1 lr3 and mk-677

    awesome, looking forward to it
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    Igf-1 lr3 and mk-677

    I do feel there would be benefit to this. I have no research to back that up other than separate research on each along with exp and I would think that this could be helpful, i might toss in 3-4 days with nothing then start the mk and transition right into the igf1 when its time. personally i...
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    What my cycle is

    go up to 8 wks IMO.
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    Injectable andros ???

    iv used 1-test cyp and its honestly on par with EQ.. in the way that i think its a crappy steroid... maste and some teste does way more and is cheaper IMO
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    Holy crap Caffeine from outer space?

    some things on the show go a bit extreme i agree, but over all the ideas are not that crazy, just craazy to the conventional person with a closed mind. I deff believe there is life out there, and i even think that our own exiistance could be from ... well basically the phenomenon you just...
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    Flu shot

    i avoid them all... and wont get into it as i can see from responses it will just be looked at as "broscience" or "conspiracy" to each his own.... good luck.. unless under immanent threat (visiting a country with hazardous outbreaks or due to risky work) it should not be pushed on or used by...
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    Why can't RC sites produce the good ole pro hormones

    pretty much
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    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    this place is all i need on cheat day :P
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    Pct and DAA

    a SERM is good option. Clomid and/or tamox for 4-5 weeks.
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    Its gonna be LGD 4033 for me!

    please keep us updated, saw you post before but figured I would chime in, Interested : )
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    Its gonna be LGD 4033 for me!

    Awesome, thanks for the log! And I agree, i hate supp places pushing SARMS, reckless and unneeded heat IMO
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    SD is much worse IMO. i would opt for tbol or var for a more dry oral and dbol is great for a wetter one. both good for bulking or cutting IMO. SD is a bit harsh, i rather use Maste and some test and keep it out personally.
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    Gyno flare up?

    finish off pct with no AI IMO stop it atleas t aweek in, and let the serms work and then level out and get blood work 6-8 wks after stopping pct.