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    Phenibut extreme dosage experiments

    its a powerful drug....
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    AND Trenibol?????

    epi is by far one of the most reliable compounds period!
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    New Years Resolutions

    legit numbers for sure
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    Macapro/Halo Deal of the Day

    wow, the very end of phs at orbit, king of phs, that is pretty intense lol
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    Orbit Nutrition Help

    nobody wins lol
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    Does Science Prove Things? – The Null Hypothesis

    a good but unresolved theoretical point that will never go anywhere
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    P-5-P for Prolcatin conrol/Dopamine Increase

    i prefer ldopa to p5p, p5p is a tricky source
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    Macapro/Halo Deal of the Day

    that halo is welll priced should not last long...
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    New Years Resolutions

    doable but gonna take work no doubt
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    Orbit Nutrition Help

    i ordered some leggings and i am still waiting for it for it be shipped, ya'll just love to whine like if its going to help.
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    dopadex is pure no doubt
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    Orbit Nutrition Help

    all stores experience delays through the holidays, if u use amazon u will experience the same problem
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    New Years Resolutions

    what is ur squat at the moment?
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    BPS gear giveaway Orbit Promotion

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    Happy holidays !

    virginia is a big state but it usually does not take me too long to get out of there, lot of traffic on certain days though...