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  • Robboe
    No firm schedule yet but hoping for bulking season release. Keep an eye out!
    PM's!!!! Do not cap the S and forget the ' lol
    Your support is appreciated -->
    LOL! that is more like it! Take 2-3 scoops a day whether you are splitting them up or taking all pre workout.
    I'm sorry I don't understand the question. Can you restate it differently?
    Thanks again for the kind words bud.
    epi solo bad joint pain---epi/1-andro rx no joint pain(a little water weight). only thing from them i have i put them in there
    Didn't have any TD premade or even any raw 6-oxo on hand. Sale details came out the day after you msged me that, hope you got your goods :)
    Hey bro! Yeah I'm the mod at ef. I troll all the big bbing supp boards though lol
    Say sorry for the late message but you asked me to pm you and I couldn't so i thought i coul dreach you threw here
    Royd The Noyd
    If I had to stick to only one dosing time it would be PM. But I still prefer spreading out these compounds as much as possible.
    Royd The Noyd
    It probably isnt a bad combo at all. I personally like the combo of 6-bromo and ATD so I cant imagine form and ATD being too much different. Most of these AI's are better in lower doses even together.
    Rosie Chee
    By NCAA maybe, then; US has funny rules with your college sports. Caffeine is not banned by the World-Anti Doping Code (which is what most national and international sports and events go by) and has not been for a few years now.
    Hey bro --- I just bought EXACTLY what you told me to buy from (except for the 5lb of the whey protein that I found to be too good of a deal to pass up so I just added it to the cart! So now as always, can you kinda make me a stack on how to take everything? Thanks for the help as always bro!


    1x Ashwagandha (90 caps) By: NOW Foods

    1x Rhodiola (60 caps/500 mg) By: NOW Foods

    1x Whey Protein Blend (5 lb) By: All The Whey

    1x Propionyl-L-Carnitine (100 grams) By: RPN

    1x Diesel Test Pro-Cycle (160 tabs) By: Get Diesel

    1x Cordygen5 (90 caps) By: Millennium Sport Technologies

    Sub Total: $139.40
    Federal Express - Home Delivery: $0.00
    Coupon Discounts: -$3.00
    Total: $136.40
    Prolab Creapure Creatine Monhydrate 1000GM, 200 servings Cheap! Buy Prolab Creapure Creatine Monhydrate 1000GM, 200 servings On Sale Reviews & Discount Nutritional Supplements, Ephedra Pills Weight Loss Diet Pills & Sports Nutrition Products At Suppl

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    theres two of them i found are those wat your talking about
    idk your better at this stuff then me do u think u can find a good creatine mono and paste the link to me sometime cuz i keep finding some but idk which would be better
    Creatine Monohydrate Powder by Prolab Nutrition

    1Fast400 Creatine Monohydrate Powder, 1000 grams
    is that wat people mean by creatine mono ive read some reviews to and they look good
    creatine mono and beta-alanine are your best bets
    ok ill talk to my docter about it soon im just really new at this and i see people talking about taking alot of different things when they workout like i hear people taking creatine,animal stacks and whey protein shakes and alot of other stuff i jsut dont wanna take something that will over do it and be bad
    i will ive been planning on printing out some supp. and showing my docter but im confused tho like if he oks it say i take creatine and animal stacks do i eat the animal stacks before i take the creatine or wat and peoples telling me plain mono would be better cuz it wouldnt have as much sugar in it
    ok ty lol see im confused my mom says that it would be good to take some supps cuz since it spikes my insulin and puts my bloodsugars down my insulin pump wont have to give me so much insulin all the time and that the more muscle i have the more stable my blood sugars will be idk im just gonna print out some supps and show my docter ive been looking at the animal stacks to do u just eat those with a creatine shake or something
    hey im type 1 and insulin dependant thats why im confused on wat i should and shouldnt take im just wanting to build some muscle mass i mean my friend gave me some super creatine high performance mix by body fortress but idk if i should try it yet
    I'm gonna be moving to Panama City Florida next year how far away is Winter Haven??
    Appreciate your input there Andrew. Hcg at 500 every 5 days and how long? also start clomid shortly after last shot of hcg correct? Thanks for the input
    Thanks for the info andrew, for clomid is that spacing everyday? 5 days? also What do you mean by "wet one" I hear people using this term a lot
    Its not as good as Guejsn's avi but its close haha. No but I was just thinking about my IML's protein now while I'm at work but I'll be working till 8pm so I'm not happy at all. You on cycle?
    I tried to reply to you but it posted on my page haha. Why so happy?
    John Smeton
    Nope never tried glycobol Ive heard its goof stuff though. Thanks
    hey whats good to combat lethargy
    No worries :) I can accept PMs now, sorted that function out. I assume you mean lipolysis mate?
    You're in dietetics too? Cool mate, we're a rare breed, you and I ;) I think I will just give it a shot and see what happens, I can always stop using it if it doesn't work/work in my favor. Cheers for the reps mate.
    hey man, thanks for your input about the Novedex. Quick ? though, have you ever ran Formestane? I am thinking about possibly running it as a stand alone. I have been looking into the Transdermal Formestane by CEL. Any ideas?
    Thanks for rep points. You'll enjoy the Prime/Powerfull stack, good luck.
    Thanks for the points buddy!!!!! that`s great
    will stoked and tghat other thing work to also clear my system so i could take a ncaa test and pass??
    I saw you're from Winter Haven. I've been in this area and lifting at Gold's for about 4 years. Is this the best gym in the area.
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