1. recomp?

    Is it possible to put on muscle and lose fat at the same time? If so what type diet, training, and cardio would one use to do this?

  2. Yes. I'm a huge fan of Crossfit and the Zone diet.

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  3. I have made some great progress recomping. I actually lost 5% BF in 2 months while maintaining my weight of 160 lb.

    I was carb cycling. I stuck with lean meats, veggies and healthy fats through most of the day. Around workouts and breakfast my meals were higher in carbs and consisted of oatmeal, homemade oat pancakes and fruit.

    Here is the link to the carb cycling protocol I used:

    My weight training incorporated a lot of compound movments. I lifted 3 days a week and every time I went to the gym I did some squat or deadlift variation. Other movements like military press, bench, rows and dips were added to work my body even more. On off days I usually did sprints.

    I was using IBE's X-force for a fat loss supplement. It's a combination of geranamine, sulbutiamine and caffeine. It really made me feel energized and was a great boost to my metabolism.

    Here is a link to my X-force log:

    X-forcing my way into smaller pants!

    And a link to X-Force:

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