1. creatine

    there have been certain studies about high creatine intake which should increase your strength with aprox. 10%. in this study they gave the subjects 0,3 gram creatine per kilogram bodyweight.

    if i take 0,3 gram creatine per kilogram bodyweight i'm just over 30 grams creatine per day. is it healthy to take so much creatine? and is there a maximum to the dosage creatine you take daily?

  2. There's no real research to say that it isn't safe, but taking that much creatine is going to eventually shut down your sodium pump for as long as you take it, which would actually lead to decreased strength.

    Here's my suggestions for optimal creatine usage

    5 day creatine load @ 20-25 grams per day

    Maintenance @ 5 grams for up to 10 weeks......

    Cycle off for 2 weeks...repeat process...

  3. I agree with the cycling off but not the loading. I my experience, I have gotten just about the same effect not loading as loading.

  4. That much creatine a day might keep you in the bathroom half the day.

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