Acetyl L-Carnitine (Alcar) and the Anarchy in here!

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  1. Told ya ALCAR just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (not really, but you do notice it thats for sure).

  2. Originally posted by Scottyo
    Told ya ALCAR just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (not really, but you do notice it thats for sure).
    Ive only done a half a gram and man do I feel great!

  3. might be a nice compliment to alcar..talked about a lot on animalsboard too..taken from another site..btw it is cheap as hell
    Vinpocetine , Vinpocetine is a powerful brain and memory enhancer that may yet eclipse all other smart drugs. Vinpocetine , it improves blood flow to the brain, makes it easier for the brain to use glucose and oxygen, and allows the brain to survive longer and better after periods of oxygen deprivation.

    Vinpocetine is also known as: Cavinton; VinRx; Periwinkle; myrtle Vincapervinc; cezayirmeneksesi.

    Health Benefits:
    Vinpocetine increases the production of Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP) within the Brain's Neurons.
    Vinpocetine may prevent and help to treat Alzheimer's Disease.
    Vinpocetine improves Blood Circulation within the Brain.
    Vinpocetine prevents and treats Multiple Infarct Dementia.
    Vinpocetine alleviates Depression in 74% of cases.
    Vinpocetine improves the Brain's utilization of Glucose.
    Vinpocetine alleviates Headaches in 78% of Patients.
    Vinpocetine improves Memory in normal healthy persons.
    Vinpocetine Healthy subjects exhibited significant Short-Term Memory improvement 1 hour after taking 40mg of Vinpocetine(62%).
    Vinpocetine improves the Brain's utilization of Oxygen and increases the resistance of Neurons to the damage that would otherwise be caused by Hypoxia.
    Vinpocetine alleviates Speech Impairment in 55% of cases.
    Vinpocetine prevents and treats Stroke

    Sleep Disorders:
    Vinpocetine alleviates several types of Sleep disorders.
    Vinpocetine alleviates Insomnia

    Vinpocetine improves Eyesight in many persons afflicted with Eyesight disorders.

    Vinpocetine improves impaired Hearing
    Vinpocetine alleviates Vertigo in 77% of patients.

    Sexual Systems - Females:
    The side-effects of Female Menopause respond well to Vinpocetine.

    Vinpocetine use was introduced first into eastern European countries in the mid-1970s, for medical treatment of cerebrovascular disorders such as stroke, and hardening or blockage of brain arteries. In one clinical study of Vinpocetine, stroke patients were asked to memorize a list of ten words. Without Vinpocetine the subjects were able to memorize an average of six. After four weeks treatment with Vinpocetine the average went up to ten words.

    As Vinpocetine’s use became more widespread, physicians began using it to successfully treat the mental impairment caused by these medical conditions and as a potent neuroprotective supplement.

    Several brain boosters (ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, phosphatidylserine, to name just a few) are known to help restore failing memory, but Vinpocetine dramatically enhances memory in even healthy individuals. It also acts as a potent neuroprotective supplement.

    Strong clinical evidence exists that, in addition to its brain boosting properties, Vinpocetine’s ability to improve blood flow also helps protect brain and heart function; prevent macular degeneration, (a leading cause of blindness in the elderly); improve hearing and inner ear problems; and even lessen depression and fatigue.

    Side-Effects of Vinpocetine:
    Vinpocetine has no adverse interactions with other Smart Drugs or Pharmaceutical Drugs and the following side-effects occur in only 1% of Vinpocetine users.

    Vinpocetine occasionally causes (transient) Hypotension (lowered Blood Pressure)
    Vinpocetine can (rarely) cause (transient) Tachycardia.
    Vinpocetine can (rarely) cause Dry Mouth.

    People who are prone to Hypotention (low Blood Pressure) should reduce the recommended dosage and monitor their Blood Pressure whilst using Vinpocetine.
    Vinpocetine Should not be used by Females during Pregnancy.

    Dosage Recommendations:
    Commencement dosage: 15-30mg first time used
    Maintenance dosage: 10mg per day
    Maintenance dosage for Alzheimer's disease: 15mg per day

    Please note: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Ishchenko MM, et al. “The effect of kavinton (vinpocetine) and korglycon on the central and cerebral hemodynamics of patients with an ischemic stroke in stenoses and occlusions of the major cerebral arteries.” Lik Sprava (6):120-4, Aug 1998.

    Tohgi, H., Sasaki, K. Chiba, K., Nozaki, Y. “Effect of vinpocetine on oxygen release of hemoglobin and erythrocyte organic polyphosphate concentrations in patients with vascular dementia of the Binswanger type. Arzneim-Forsch 40(I), 6, 640-643, Jun 1990.

    Akopov, SE, Gabrielian, ES. “Effects of aspirin, dipyridamole, nifedipine and cavinton (vinpocetine) which act on platelet aggregation induced by different aggregating agents alone and in combination.” Eur J Clin Pharmacol 42, 257-259, 1992.

    Hayakawa, M. “Effect of vinpocetine on red blood cell deformability in stroke patients.” Arzneim-Forsch 42 (I), 4, 425-427, Apr 1992.

    Miyazaki, M. “The effect of a cerebral vasodilator, vinpocetine, on cerebral vascular resistance evaluated by the Doppler ultrasonic technique in patients with cerebrovascular diseases.” Angiology 46(1):53-8, Jan 1995.

    Kiss B, Karpati E. “Mechanism of action of vinpocetine.” Acta Pharm Hung 66(5):213-24, Sep 1996.

    Rischke R, Krieglstein J. “Protective effect of vinpocetine against brain damage caused by ischemia.” Jpn J Pharmacol 56(3):349-56, Jul 1991.

  4. looks like i will be going with
    green tea extract
    vin and
    alcar of course

    oops forgot the biotin

  5. Looks good cheap and where for the vin. i know BJ was a huge fan of it along with the piracetam. If its cheap Ill add it in.

  6. ok vitaminshoppe has it
    as does kilo..kilos price is 70 bucks for 1000 10mg tabs (u only need 3 a day)
    im gonna buy 180 cap bottle from VS first and try it out. if its good to go i'll buy the bulk from kilo
    btw heres a cheap site for the piracetam if interested(well as cheap as that stuff gets lol)

  7. Well I just downed my second Alcar a second ago. That first one lasts along time but I want to get to a gram a day and I finally felt ready to take a second one. Took the first around 8:00am. Other than that having no problems with CLA and ALA that I can speak of yet. Will let you know.

  8. Just saw BAC has vin at 120tabs of 5mg for 10.50 or 50grams powder for 8.50.

    Also, has it mixed with huperizine

    Gotta do more research on these myself. let me know your results. I think the pir is a bit pricey for my tastes.

  9. yep pir is def pricey..but im def gonna run the vin so i will let ya know and thanx for the prices with bac looks like that will be my one stop shop

  10. Bumped my CLA to 12-15 grams a day, my Alcar is 1G a day, and my ALA is 300-600mg per meal (4-5) times a day.

    I have smelly piss from the ala and I feel warmer all the time. That's about it for now.

  11. Oh, I added in Q 10 as well starting today.

  12. yeah my piss smelled like burning rubber..why q-10? think ur gonna love cla at that dose ur not having any probs with alcar on effexor ww7? my gf is on that and i wanna get her on alcar

  13. Q10 is just another awesome free radical eliminator. It's cheap and a pharm company overseas is actually selling Alcar, Q10 and ALA as a drug. So I figured why not add it.

    I am on Serzone and I am having no problems with the Alcar and it combined. I see no reason, from what I have read, that it would interefere with a anti-d but you would have to test it out on yourself and see how you reacted. Just MO.

  14. ok got ya..damn wish i would have known about the q-10 i just made my order from bac gonna do some research into it..nac might be of some note too

  15. this is a very informative thread...considering doing the anarchy stack myself now lol...lot of good info in here

  16. Originally posted by motleybreu
    this is a very informative thread...considering doing the anarchy stack myself now lol...lot of good info in here
    Yeah MB, I am very excited about the multiple benefits this stack provides.

  17. since i dont know you to well whatre your stats...height, weight, goals...just comparing myself and trying to get as much info as possible before i start..

  18. and doses

  19. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)
    CoQ10 is a vitamin-like compound also called ubiquinone. It is an essential component of cells and is utilized by the mitochondria in the normal process of energy production. It helps convert food into energy at a very basic, cellular level and it is an antioxidant. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is one in a series of ubiquinones, naturally occurring compounds produced in nearly every cell of the body, and was discovered as recently as 1957. This Coenzyme Q10 is the highest quality available and synergistically blended with Bioperine™ which has been demonstrated to aid in absorption.

    Doctors commonly prescribe CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) to treat heart disease in Japan, Sweden, Italy, Canada, and other countries.

    Common Uses for CoQ10:

    Improves the heart and circulation in those with congestive heart failure, a weakened heart muscle (cardiomyopathy), high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, chest pain (angina), or Raynaud's disease.

    Treats gum disease and maintains health gums and teeth.

    Protects the nerves and may help slow Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.

    May help prevent cancer and heart disease, and play a role in slowing down age-related degenerative changes.

    May improve the course of AIDS or cancer.

    Q10 has shown small significant benefit in treating ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, and it has also has been used to treat a range of rare pediatric neurological diseases.

    Because any disease process that involves free radical damage could be treated with coenzyme Q10, the theoretical therapeutic potential of this compound seems limitless. Cataracts, macular degeneration, side effects of chemotherapy and skin damage related to radiation exposure could all be helped by doses of Q10, proponents believe.

    The primary function of CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) is as a catalyst for metabolism - the complex chain of chemical reactions during which food is broken down into packets of energy that the body can use. Acting in conjunction with enzymes, the compound speeds up the vital metabolic process, providing the energy that the cells need to digest food, heal wounds, maintain healthy muscles, and perform countless other bodily functions. Because of the nutrient's essential role in energy production, it's not surprising that it is found in every cell in the body. It is especially abundant in the energy-intensive cells of the heart, helping this organ beat more than 100,000 times each day. In addition, coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant, much like vitamins C and E, helping to neutralize the cell-damaging molecules known as free radicals.

    CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) may play a role in preventing cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases linked to free-radical damage. It's also used as a general energy enhancer and anti-aging supplement. Because levels of the compound diminish with age (and with certain diseases), some doctors recommend daily supplementation beginning about age 40.

    CoQ10 has generated much excitement as a possible therapy for heart disease, especially congestive heart failure or a weakened heart. In some studies, patients with a poorly functioning heart have been found to improve greatly after adding the supplement to their conventional drugs and therapies. Other studies have shown that people with cardiovascular disease have low levels of this substance in their heart. Further research suggest that CoQ10 may protect against blood clots, lower high blood pressure, diminish irregular heartbeats, treat mitral valve prolapse, lessen symptoms of Raynaud's disease (poor circulation in the extremities), and relieve chest pains (angina).

    A few small studies suggest that CoQ10 may prolong survival in those with breast or prostate cancer, though results remain inconclusive. It also appears to aid healing and reduce pain and bleeding in those with gum disease, and speed recovery following oral surgery. CoQ10 shows some promise against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases and fibromyalgia, and it may improve stamina in those with AIDS. Certain practitioners believe the nutrient helps stabilize blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. There are many other claims make for CoQ10 that it slows aging, aids weight loss, enhances athletic performance, combats chronic fatigue syndrome, relieves multiple allergies, and boosts immunity.

    For daily supplementation, the dosage range is from 30 - 100 mg, with the most common dosage at 30 mg. It takes up to eight weeks to see results with CoQ10. There are no known significant side effects or drug interactions.

    The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  20. pretty good stuff
  21. a great place to start if u missed it

    Originally posted by windwords7


    Another Admin here swears by it in combonation with ALA and CLA which is now called the "anarchy stack". Yeah the stack works and works well. 28 pounds in 2 months with little to no muscle loss is outsanding!
    such a good post wanted to rpost it in case anyone missed it

  22. what you guys think of using ala and r-ala instead of ala and cla? cla is just so damn expensive

  23. Originally posted by motleybreu
    what you guys think of using ala and r-ala instead of ala and cla? cla is just so damn expensive
    Just use R-ala and Alcar if your going to cut something out but if you can afford to, I would try to the CLA as well.

  24. using reg and -rala together is pointless imo

  25. Wow. Kilosports has Green Tea Extracts 1000 count ( 50% 50mg Polyphenols) for 29.95. Not a bad deal at all!

  26. Originally posted by wojo
    using reg and -rala together is pointless imo
    yes, one or the other, my preference is R.

  27. yea thats what i thought...even though CLA is a chief component in the stack i just can't afford it..12-15g is a lot of money. i can't wait to start

  28. Originally posted by jweave23

    yes, one or the other, my preference is R.
    After this bottle, R-Ala will be my choice.

  29. This thread has gotten pretty scattered. Could someone recap the stack and the best places they have found them in one reply?

  30. Originally posted by NPursuit
    This thread has gotten pretty scattered. Could someone recap the stack and the best places they have found them in one reply?
    Min Dosing of Ingredients of Anarchy Stack:

    Alcar- 2 doses of 500mg daily

    CLA- 3-4 grams per meal

    Option 1) ALA- 600mg per meal (unless your eating like 8 times a day then you will probably want to do 300mg per meal).

    Option 2) R-ALA 200mg per meal

    Green Tea- At least half a gallon a day of liquid and if you supplement pop a couple pills per meal.


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