creatine: Dymatize xpand?

  1. creatine: Dymatize xpand?

    Do you only take the recommended doses of this supplement (1 scoop before workout and 1 scoop after workout) even without considering your weight and training intensity? I weigh 140 pounds, so does this mean i should be taking less than the servings recommended by the product to prevent overloading what my body really needs?

  2. i guess its a dumb question since noone is responding, but i just want to make sure i am not taking more than what my body needs and therefore turning the excess into waste. Should i be taking less?

  3. 140lbs @ what height my friend?

    In most cases it is best to just stick to the label. Usually if a dose is mass dependent they will say something like, if you weight over 230lbs please up dosage to blah blah blah, in which case I cringe because it means I am going to run out faster :-(

  4. Try using a single dose for 2 weeks - up dose by 50%, see if you can tell a difference for a few workouts, up dose to 2x, etc see if you notice the difference.

    That way you'll be able to tell the cost/benefit.

    Warning - I'm not sure if it's the same formula, but all I remember about this product was it worked great, but made you seriously have to evacuate your bowels within 30-45 minutes of a dose. Not like it'd give you the runs - just that no matter what, 30 minutes after dosing it, I'd have to go.

  5. thanks for the replys guys i will just stick to what the label says for a while and see how i progress.

  6. good feedback helped me out too


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