Creatine for preserving muscle mass

  1. Creatine for preserving muscle mass

    I have been cutting for 1.5 weeks and I want to make sure I preserve as much muscle mass as possible. I wanted to know you guys' opinion on using Creatine while cutting to help preserve muscle mass. I will get some Xenadrine in about 2 weeks since I'm broke for the time being.

  2. Here's some interesting articles for you....

    [i]Creatine in Muscle Preservation

    Muscle damage is a natural consequence of exercise. A small amount of muscle damage is not a terrible thing. In fact, small amounts of muscle damage actually stimulate new muscle growth, which is good. However, if the extent of muscle damage exceeds our body’s capacity to repair it and rebuild, we’re in big trouble. We then have a scenario of net muscle breakdown, otherwise known as catabolism, which defeats the whole point of working out and is a huge waste of time, money and effort.

    Two principal forms of muscle damage arise from physical exertion. The first is mechanical and occurs immediately. In other words, our muscles tear slightly during the physical stress of exercise. The second form of muscle damage is the result of chemicals that are released during exercise and that exert their degenerative effects a few days later.

    Free Radicals
    Now, for more details on the second type of muscle damage. Intense exercise produces what are known as Reactive Oxygen Species, or ROSs for short. One of the most dangerous of the ROSs is the Superoxide Radical. Even sounds dangerous! Our body normally has the capacity to neutralize Superoxide as soon as it is produced.

    How is Superoxide Produced?
    Superoxide is produced from oxygen. Heavy breathing during intense exercise increases the rate of Superoxide production and surpasses the body’s capacity to neutralize it. This gives rise to a situation known as oxidative stress.

    Superoxide weakens the muscle membrane causing it to tear. These small tears allow muscle’s contents to leak out and calcium ions to seep in. Importantly, an unregulated increase in intramuscular calcium activates enzymes that cause the muscle cell to self-destruct. Obviously, something we want to avoid.

    Our bodies contain a line of defense against oxidative stress; special molecules known as antioxidants that neutralize ROSs. Vitamins A, C and E are examples of vitamin antioxidants. Vitamin E is a particularly potent antioxidant that protects our cellular membranes from degradation following oxidative stress. Some studies suggest that the vitamin antioxidants can reduce exercise-induced muscle damage. Our bodies also come equipped with their own antioxidant molecules. Some of the most important are Superoxide Dismutase, Glutathione Peroxidase and Catalase.

    Eating foods rich in antioxidants and getting plenty of rest increases our body’s capacity to deal with oxidative stress.

    Is Creatine an Antioxidant?
    Very recently (January 2002) a study was released suggesting that creatine might act as a Superoxide scavenger in its own right. It is therefore possible that part of the benefit we obtain from creatine derives from its capacity to act as an antioxidant.

    The salient points of the study are as follows:

    1. The concentration of creatine used in this study was within physiological limits. In other words, comparable to that found within skeletal muscle (20-60 mM, for those who are interested). This gave relevancy to the study.

    2. Creatine is a mild antioxidant. Creatine was not as effective as Glutathione at scavenging free radicals

    3. Creatine’s ability to neutralize Superoxide was measured in a test tube, not an exercising person.

    Take Home
    This preliminary report seems to suggest that creatine possess' antioxidant properties and can effectively neutralize Superoxide, one of the more insidious free radicals produced by exercise. However, since these findings where obtained in a test tube, it remains to be shown if creatine has the same effect in an exercising person. Although preliminary, this result is surely provocative and worth pursuing.

    Scientific Reference
    Lawler JM, Barnes WS, Wu G, Song W, Demaree S. (January 2002) Direct antioxidant properties of creatine. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 290: 1: pages 47-52.

  3. Thanks YJ, you guys can write a creatine handbook and get rich w/all that good information. I'll definitely use it while cutting and hope it helps me.

  4. just a quick opinion: go with v-12 from SAN, it's actually worth the $$.

  5. Originally posted by jweave23
    just a quick opinion: go with v-12 from SAN, it's actually worth the $$.
    Thanks for your recommendation, I'll finish out the Prolab Creatine I got. It's a 2 month supply at 10 grams a day, than if I do have the $$$ I'll give it a shot.

  6. Originally posted by jweave23
    just a quick opinion: go with v-12 from SAN, it's actually worth the $$.
    I'll second that... creatine mono tends to do jack diddly **** for me, recently tried V12, I would recommend it as well, worked very well, mixed well, tasted nice, etc.

  7. I was going to go for SAN V-12 but after knowing the price everything went loose, i hope the price can go down sooner.

  8. I use creatine while cutting for a show, helps keep me pumped when my carbs are low.. Not to mention, I drink at least 3 gallons of water (damn near!) so I don't sweat it, pardon the pun..

    I just cut it out 2 weeks prior to showtime, so I can drop water faster..

  9. Nice pete btw in your picture , I kind of see a weight plate in the back of the pic, do you have a home gym , is that a plate? or am im looking at a different thing

  10. That's just some background junk in my room, no plates here..

  11. LMAO , and I though it was a 45lbs plate


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