Creatine nonresponders

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  1. After all the positive reviews, I decided I would try one of these products. I tried Satur8 and noticed nothing significant.

  2. tried V12, did ****

  3. Question

    Out of curiosity, do you think any of these products (v12 etc.) would perform better for people who respond to just plain old creatine monohydrate or would the results be about the same?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    I tried SAN V12, wasnt too impressed. My shoulders broke out something fierce after the 2nd week.
    I didn't notice anything either, and I've used 3 or 4 differant kinds. I didn't really notice anything from any of them.
  5. Lightbulb Try Kre-Alkalyn EXTREME from 1Fast400

    I am a creatine responder and it totally rocks for me but maybe buffered creatine will help non-responders also.

  6. I never really noticed any benefits from straight mono., I tried V12 and enjoyed the product very much after I increased my pre-workout dose to 2 scoops instead of 1. Does anyone who has used V12 cycle it like the directions say, or do you take it continualy like reg. mono.????

  7. I have just bought my sans v12 and will be starting on monday. I have not in the past seen acceptable results from creatine. At present I am 154 so I will post preliminary results in two weeks. That should be enough time to see results. nice thread


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