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  1. PheraPLEX Log

    Alright starting my pheraplex log.

    I am doing 20/20/20/20-30

    I am running Days 2-8

    Superdrol: 2mg, 2mg, 3mg, 4mg, 4mg, 5mg, 5mg

    Support Supplements:

    Hawthorn Berry: 1100mg/day
    Saw Plametto: 2000mg/day (berries)
    Milk Thistle: 1000mg/day
    NAC: 1200mg/day
    Flax Oil: 4 Tbsp/day
    CoQ10 & Omega369 starts next week
    Vitamin C:2000mg/day
    MultiVitamin: 2/day
    Magnesium: 150mg/day extra
    Vitamin B6: 50-100mg/day

    Lipotropics: Choline, Methionine, Inositol
    They help to prevent disease and metabolize fats and detoxify amines as well as liquify cholesterol in the liver and lessen it in the blood. 900mg/day

    Water: 2gallons/day or more

    Calories: 4500 or more
    I was counting on FitDay but i Hit 3600 Calories by 5pm so i am sure i am up and over, and i was eating normally!! I have a high high metabolism. Have to get checked for hyperthyroidism every year. I added a few other things and i was over 5000 and didn't even get a couple what can I say?

    At least hitting PT 470g/ C 450g/ F 80g Again thats normal

    Hospital for two weeks a month back, very serious complications. Previous lifts were greatly affected but i will list them since they could affect my gains.

    Previous Squat: 455
    Previous Bench: 315
    Previous Deadlift: 455

    Previous Arm measurement: 18''

    Now Arms are: 17''
    Thighs: 26 1/4''
    Neck: 17''
    Forearm: 13.5''
    Chest: 44''
    Shoulder Span Around: 53-54''
    Hips: 38''
    Waist: 35-36''

    Day 1 and 2 were dosed with 20mg Nolva/50mg Clomid for Shutdown, may continue 25mg clomid/day for lipid issues...any ideas?

  2. 6'5, 226lbs

    Day 1:

    Chest and Triceps

    Not a Good day, collarbone was killing me and really affected bench.

    Flat Barbell Bench: 245x4, 245 x 4, 230 x 5
    Incline DB: 85x7, 90 x 4
    Incline Barbell:190 x 4
    Decline: 205 x5

    Lying tricep Extension: 130x8, 140x5, x4
    Pulldown: 170 x6, x4

    No effects from the Pheraplex, feel normal. Going to try and get some Cissus RX for joint pain. I shrugged 650lbs months ago and my left collarbone popped out, then when i benched 315x3 my left rotator cuff was not ready for it. So that arm is pretty messed. But i took a month off rehabed the shoulder, did exercises and it still hurts but i can lift

    Had to pee like 3 times during workout, never had to do this before. I usually drink about 2 gallons, but now i am peeing more...might have to up the water further.

  3. 226lbs

    Feel Great today, took 10mg Pheraplex with my potatoe, chicken bacon, yogurt, egg, milk, fruit salad, 2scoops protein, apple juice breakfast. Now going to gym... wish me luck!

    Oh i also split 1 superdrol cap into 5 parts and took 2mg today! Haha, i know it is so stupid... was going to take 2mg superdrol for 5 days to help kickstart this without adding too much methyl. Strange, after the 2mg my scalp itched... can't be from DHT but rather like GABA has a direct effect somehow...

    Day 2


    All I can say about this workout is the weights felt better than last week, my back can't hold the heavy weights anymore and i need to work on strengthning it.

    Squat: 365 x6, 375 x 4, 385 x 4
    Straight Leg Deadlift: 225 x 8, 235 x6 , 275 x 4

    Leg Press: 1070lbs x 3, 1160lbs x 3, 1250lbs x 3
    Reverse Leg Curl: 165 x 8
    Lunge Dumbell: 85 x 4

    Feel good, not dead tired. Maybe the Pheraplex but i don't think so. I used to straight leg 365 now i do 275 this week up from 225 last week as my back gets better. You can see my leg press is good and my legs are strong but back is not where it should be for squats.
    Tomorrow is back and bis and will be a good judge to see if any effects are seen yet

    Before workout i have 50g Dextrose, 46g Isolate
    After i Have 50g dextrose, 46g Isolate...30min then 33g Dextrose, 46g Isolate....1hr then 3 Potatoes, Flax, 23g Isolate....1hr then 46g isolate, 33g Dextrose, cup of milk....2hr then 46g isolate with meal.....

    8PM and i feel much less fatigued than usual and in a really good mood

  4. 227lbs

    Feel great today! Summer Time!

    Last night i drowned a salad bowl full of taco salad and lean chicken, today I'm up in weight.
    CoQ10 was started today 90mg for five days then 60mg
    Going to eat a nice breakfast and take my 10mg Pheraplex and 2mg Superdrol for the day.

    Day 3

    Back and Biceps

    Good workout.
    No Pheraplex effects. Except i wasn't tired, felt like i could train longer. Probably mental.

    Pulldowns: 250 x 6, 260 x6, x4
    Vbar Pulldowns: (weird bar) 148 x6, 168 x 6
    Seated Rows: 260 x 8, 270 x 6, 280 x 6
    Barbell Rows: 225 x 4, x 4

    Straight Bar Bicep Curl: 145 x 6, x4
    Dumbell Curl: 60 x 6, x 4

    Hammer Curl 55 x 6
    Concentration Curl: 45 x 6

    Arms 18'' after workout.
    Balls are shrinking. Anyone for grape nuts? Well usually have a full dangle with left one far below. Now right one below and not so much hangage. It is my goal that by the end of this log you guys will know my balls better than yours


    So so tired. Painted my house all day, now have to go work for a company i started. And i have to get up at 5am and work for three hours and train tomorrow. ARGGHHH!! I LOVE IT! More time to eat.

  5. 228lbs

    DAY 4

    Feel Good but was up at 5am working like a dog. Now train and then work again.
    Today i took 10mg Pheraplex 2mg Superdrol at 6am and then 10mg Pheraplex and 2mg Superdrol before training.

    Nothing special to report. The feeling of wellbeing that i experienced the first two days is gone

    Shoulders and Traps

    Blasted this sucker. No pain except on shrugs, had to decrease weight. Dumbell shrugs were crazy but i prepped for this last week.

    Dumbell Shoulder Press: 85 x 8, 90 x 5, x 4
    Side Lateral: 50 x 6, x 6, 55 x 4
    Rear Lateral: 45 x 6, x 6

    Shrug: 495 x 6, 405 x 6
    Dumbell Shrug: 120 x 8

    Got tired like i usually do in the gym today. I am really impressed with my dumbell press, i went all the way down and even turned my wrists in to get more depth and fuller range of movement at the bottom. This is not a suprising weight though last week i did 85 x 6 and then 90 x 3 which is my usual preperation to increase. Shrugs were as i used to just kill 650+ and leave the bar bent permanently. Now i am struggling with 495 recently.

  6. 229lbs

    Day 5

    Woke up at 6am and had a shake and milk with my 3mg Superdrol for the day. Now i am going to eat breakfast and take my 10mg Pheraplex then go train.

    I feel pretty tired good thing it is a grueling Calves, Abs, and Forearms workout

    Calves, Abs, and Forearms

    Well, felt tired and bloated. ate breakfast 30minutes before training with my PheraPlex. Good workout and all muscles were worked effectively. Increased weight on all exercises.

    Seated Calf Raise: 230 x 9, x 13, x 12
    Standing Calf Raise: 455 x 9, x 8

    Rope Crunch: 135 x 12, 140 x 10, 150 x 4
    Leg Raise: 50 x 8

    Forearm Barbell Curl: 120 x 6, 100 x 10, x 9
    Reverse Barbell Curl: 60 x 8
    Standing Dumbell Curls: 55 x 8, 60 x 8

    I am going to up the carbs a bit as tomorrow... i might go 4mg superdrol, then 5mg, 5mg then done with it.

    Then again i wonder if it would be safe to run 2mg throughout...?? Any ideas?


    Lots of moving today. Eating was sporadic at best. I'll still hit 500 carbs

  7. Usually gains from superdrol usually slow down greatly after three weeks. I think 30 mg of Phera-plex and 5 mg of Superdrol in week 4 is a bad idea. I would recommend dropping the superdrol after week 3. Most people are not seeing improvement from going from going from 20 mg to 30 mg of Phera-plex, but you are a big guy so maybe.

  8. Oh, i just want to run the 5mg SD to Day 14 no further. You think this would be ok?

  9. Well mixing methyls is normally not a good, but these two seem to get along.
    14 days is fine. You getting very good results assuming that the 3 pounds in 5 days is muscle and not fat. That means about 242 lbs at 4 weeks. How hard do you want to push your liver for a couple extra pounds?

  10. 229.5lbs

    DAY 6

    No workout today.


    Trying to make this 4AD sublingual... what a mess!! Haha. Hopefully i get it working out. Using Dazed methods...any ideas on making it easier or better? Now i am putting 18g Cyclodextrin (HPBC) and 2g 4AD into 80ml saline...

  11. Log looks great man..are you going to post before and after pics?

  12. Sure if you want me too.

  13. You really should drop two of the three estrogen blocker/suppressors (superdrol is an estrogen suppressor too). Letting the estrogen levels come up will improve your HDL levels, your white blood cells count and you will get bigger gains (estrogen is anabolic). If you pre-existing gyno or see signs of gyno by all means take them.

    On Phera-plex you because of it’s very minimal testosterone suppression you can start PCT early while still on for the last 4 to 7 days. I know this advice is hypocritical and comes under the heading of do what I say and not what I do, but I thought I should say it once.

  14. 230lbs

    DAY 7

    Well i took my 3mg SD, 20mg PP... started sublingual 4AD which isn't working haha! Gotta try another method here.

    Is 100mg DHEA good on cycle?

    Chest and Triceps

    Flat Bench:235 x 7, 245 x 6, x 4
    Dumbell Incline: 90 x 6, x 5, 95 x 4
    Decline: 245 x 4

    Lying Tricep Extension: 140 x 6, x 6, 145 x 4
    Pulldown: 170 x 6, 180 x 4

    Great pump and great lifts. Everything up slightly and great feeling.

    Diet has been good but not up to my standard... time to get it going.


    Anyone have any feedback on what 30mg PP is like and what i should expect. I think this is going to turn into a 20/20/30 or 20/20/30/30, I almost want to go to 30 now but should i wait a week??

    1 Week Measurement Update!

    Arms: 17 1/4'' + 1/4
    Thighs: 26 3/4'' + 1/2
    Neck: 17''
    Forearm: 13.5''
    Chest: 44-45'' + 0-1/2
    Hips: 38''
    Waist: 36''

  15. 230.5lbs

    Day 8

    This was a crazy day. Whoa! Went to school and the car broke down. I had to wait for hours to get help. Then to the garage and wait for it to get fixed. Tried to jumble up some sort of diet

    Took 23mg Pheraplex and 2mg Superdrol today. No more superdrol. 25mg Pheraplex a day unless my weight has increased by 0.5lbs+ tonight... if so i will stay at 20.


    Last week i said my back was the problem so i did heavy straight leg deadlifts and this week everything is up WAY UP

    Squat: 375 x 8, 395 x 4, 405 x 5, 425 x 2
    Straight Leg Deadlift: 275 x 6, 315 x 4
    Leg Press: 1255 x 3

    On some of my squat sets like the 395 x 4 i stopped to save it for the 405 x 5

  16. 231.25lbs

    DAY 9

    Another day, another 0.75lbs. Well, my last 3mg of PP as at 5pm yesterday and i had headaches all night. I am staying with my original dosing this week. Now i am doing 10mgPP/5mg SD at 9am and 10mg PP at around 2pm.

    Back and Biceps

    Great workout. Pulldown machine area was closed so i had to use a heavy and old machine. That is why this weight is down. Can pretty much add 30-40 pounds per exercise on Pulldowns and VBar Pulldowns. Had to go light on biceps because they hurt so bad. I don't think it is pump but rather muscle cramping.

    Pulldowns: 225 x 8, 240 x 5 --> Superset Self x 6, x 4
    VBar Pulldown: 195 x 7, 210 x 6

    Seated Cable Row: 285 x 6, 305 x 4
    Bent Over Row: 225 x 6, x 6

    Straight Bar Curl: 135 x 6, x 6
    Dumbell Curl: 65 x 4, 60 x 6
    Concentration Curl: 50 x 4

  17. 232lbs

    DAY 10

    Headaches have subsided today. Hawthorn was pushed up to 1500mg+ yesterday. Now time for 5mg Superdrol 10mg Pheraplex and breakast.

    Shoulders and Traps

    Well just look at the weights.

    Dumbell Press: 90 x 7, 95 x 5, x 4
    Side Lateral: 55 x 6, 50 x 6
    Reverse Lateral: 50 x 6, x 6

    Shrug DB: 120 x 8
    Shrug Barbell: 405 x 6, 275 x 6


    Back pumps are becoming apparent. Blood pressure much MUCH better after upping hawthorn to 1530mg and decreasing sodium intake. I am finding taking a low Superdrol dose and a 20mg Pheraplex dose is better than more pheraplex in terms of side effects so far.

    New Measurements

    Arms: 17.5'' + 1/2
    Thighs: 27'' + 3/4
    Calves:17 1/8'' +1/8
    Neck: 17''
    Forearm: 13 5/8'' +1/8
    Chest: 45.5'' +1''
    Hips: 38''
    Waist: 36''



  18. 233lbs

    Day 11

    Absolutley *****in

    Forearms, Abs, and Calves

    Seated: 2plates+25 a side x 12, x 12, 2 plates x 12 x 12
    Standing: 4plates and 25 a side x 12, 3 plates x 12
    45 degree: 8 plates a side x 12

    Rope crunch: 150 x 8, x 8
    Leg Raise: 50 x 8, 55 x 6

    Forearm Curl: 115 x 10, x 8, 95 x 12
    Reverse Curl: 60 x 12
    Standing Curl: 60 x 6, x 6


    Great workout, then BAM foodpoisinig from a restaurant and i threw up and didnt eat all night and was at a club. Absolutley crap.

  19. Wow, doing well Congrats!

  20. 233.5lbs

    Day 12

    Half a pound up after foodpoisining...stomachstill upset today. I cant eat well but i am trying my best. Haha, i counted my calories two days ago and i was over 9000 CALORIES...

    My usual diet must be around 6000+ this is crazy, i have no idea how some people only eat 4500.

  21. 234.5lbs

    Day 13

    Another Day, Another Pound.

    Chest and Triceps

    Flat Bench: 245 x 8, 255 x 6, 265 x 5
    Incline Dumbell: 95 x 6, x 5, 100 x 3
    Decline Barbell: 245 x3

    Lying Extension: 145 x 6, x 5, x 4
    Pulldown: 180 x 6, x 4

    Just look at the weights


    Diet has been off the last few days. Might be good to trim up a little but i havn't gained much fat

  22. 235lbs

    Day 14


    Squats: 405 x 7, 425 x 5, 435 x 5, 455 x 3, 475 x 2
    Straight Leg Deadlift: 315 x 4, x 4

    Personal Best Squat on the 475

    New Measurements

    Arms: 17 5/8'' + 5/8
    Thighs: 27'' + 3/4
    Calves:17.5'' +1/2
    Neck: 17.5'' +1/2
    Forearm: 14'' +1/2
    Chest: 45.5'' +1''
    Hips: 38''
    Waist: 36''
    Around Shoulders: 55.5'' + 1 1/2

    Hard to tell since i just did legs. Feel like everythin is a little drained. Still good numbers.

    The Story So Far

    So far the way i am stacking and the compounds get two thumbs up. After 14 days i have had no side effects and INSANE increases in strength and good increases in weight. What the next little while will bring is unknown however.

    I was contemplating stopping after this week of training, if i gain 11lbs and all in 2.5 weeks why continue and risk sides?

    We'll have to see how the rest of this week goes

  23. 9 lb. gain, is really impressive, so far.....

  24. You're doing great. Keep it up!

    I don't think you will get sides at 4 weeks. I only noticed Phera-plex taking a toll on me in the 5th week. I felt good through 4 weeks. I still think you should end the superdrol at end of week 3. Since Phera-plex has very little suppressive effect, you can start post cycle therapy 4 days early or do a slow linear taper starting 7 days early. I recommend the taper.

    Why are you thinking about stopping?
    Your clothes getting too small?
    Is 244 scaring you?

  25. Haha! Thanks Werewolf. Yah actually none of my clothes fit anymore. It is so annoying, gonna hit my bank account hard.

    I will keep going, either keep the superdrol at 5mg or go 5mg more pheraplex. hmmmm... what do you suggest. The 20mg Pheraplex 5mg Superdrol split seems to be working insane... why fix it if it is not broke?


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