Outstanding's Summer/Fall ALPHA(T2)MALE (sl)INSANE RECOMP(adrol)!

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    true. I gained 8 lbs over a month while lowering my waist by almost 2 inches...from 31 to almost 29...amazing.
    Melvin.... Melvin is that you!? HAHA

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Outstanding View Post
    Melvin.... Melvin is that you!? HAHA

  3. Week in Review...

    Let me cut to the chase like Hugh H. in a room full of 21 year old blond triplets... I'M BACK!

    For whatever reason(s), the first week of this Summer Recomp threw me down a flight of stairs, only to be met with Mortal Kombat-like jagged shards of razor teeth to 'cushion' my final descent to the landing. But fret not, fellow AManicacs, all is well in the world, and I am turning dumbbells to dust, once more. Much like the ebb and flow Rocky faced through each of his sequel installments, I was faced with confusion and an eroding sense of self and certainty, but from the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.

    Alright, now that I have met or exceeded my literary reference and alliteration quota for the month, allow me to journey into a controlled digression, narrating the winds of change that have swept me from the cusp of... oh never-mind, let's just talk about some hard core anabolic ferocity!

    Now, first and foremost - I want to expand on the "I'm BACK" triumphant exclamation earlier in this gratuitous vocabulary orgasm (read: Recomp update). The first few days of the initial week I underwent this self experimentation of sorts, I was wet behind the ears concerning a few of my chosen supplements comprising my munitions store. I had alluded to Alpha T2 birthing a horrible succession of side effects, but also followed up my reflections by saying most of the 'side effects' could very easily be accepted as favorable attributes for athletes engaged in certain segments of training (lack of appetite, being the most pronounced). I am very happy and relieved to report back that I have completely normalized - even the headaches and constant urges to urinate through the night self-adjusted as I became acclimated to these new compounds.

    What this all means, is that when I enter the gym - not only do I perform better than Dev Patel on a game show, but I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to arriving at the gym, half tempted to crash my vehicle through the tall wall of glass constructing the front entrance just so I can shave off a few nanoseconds until my callused palms grasp the chilled and etched chrome handles of whatever ends up at my feet.

    I accredit A VAST MAJORITY of this change in dynamic, to the ability to once again become the voracious ********y being I have evolved into since my original foray into competitive bodybuilding some eight years ago. I think about the next meal, WHILE I'm eating my current one... I have been training TWICE daily, both resistance session that don't sacrifice quantity for quality in the slightest, and end up feeling revived and rejuvenated the next day somehow. Slin Sane and Recompadrol are conducting the metabolic orchestra to heights unknown - I have a feeling this pairing can and will create a crescendo of Magnum Opus with prolonged usage and adherence to nutritional strictness.

    Although I suffer occasional bouts of lethargy so overt that I have mini-dreams while at work, these spells only come over me while I am stagnant and bored - I can only peruse the Internet and recalculate my budget so many times, before I end up at a stalemate, lazily holding my mouse and incessantly nodding involuntarily as I fall asleep as if someone is asking me assorted questions to which all can be answered "Yes." I have M-Drol and the onset of low blood sugar to thank for that weary trait I suppose, but nonetheless I would hesitate to give up the anabolic activity wrought by these compounds, just to increase my energy stores and levels by 15-20%, putting me back into 'normal' conditions.

    The physique itself has not made any improvements that would merit a long winded hand written letter home (YET), accompanied with photos ta-boot - but I can see a very promising and progressive difference each morning as I glance in the mirror before stepping under the wake-up stream of water. At this point, the most dramatic changes have occurred in work load capacity, and the uncanny ability to perform super-sets, without a breather. Not only am I regaining my usual off season weights in the gym, on the brink of surpassing them, but I have seen an extreme augmentation of my time to failure, or time to exhaustion while clangin' chrome.

    Although the weight on the scale has not dropped or ascended in any overwhelming fashion, I started at over 230, and earlier this week on an accurate digital scale I was 227 with clothes on. This of course leads me to surmise that my body revamping efforts are not being offered in vain, but that my muscle-to-fat ratios are steadily climbing and on their merry way toward jabbing their native flag into the summit. The GDAs taken concomitantly with Alpha T2 has greatly retooled my basal metabolism, and just as the adverts across the WWW read, AT2 truly does turn your workouts into a fat incineration Lipolytic Phenomenon! I am leaving my signature of sweat on every bench and back rest I grace, as if leaving a John Han**** throughout the gym dipping my pen into he inkwell of sweat.

    I received Protocol in the mail yesterday, ordered from DPS - but have been unable to try it at this point - but I see that fact making a sudden turn for the better this weekend. This will be my first experience with LCLT as well, and after my attempts to excavate the knowledge base of Genomy'x CEO, it would appear LCLT and Protocol writ-large are sure fire candidates for use on AND off cycle, especially during PCT phases.

    I have yet to receive my package containing ROGUE, but at this point the appetite stimulating properties paired with the hormonal modulation aspects might be the final stepping stone I need to reach that next level - forever shooing my current plateau away into oblivion.

    Thank you to everyone who has engaged in/subscribed to my Summer Recomp Log - please share your thoughts, or hit the subscribe button if you wish to simply follow along and come to your own conclusions; but I will stay strong and resolute to uphold my initial pledge to myself and the readership here... absolute honesty in all my Recomp endeavoring. See you in Las Vegas, in 66 days, as a transformed man (until I encounter the first Fuddruckers, or Baja Fresh)!


  4. i noticed the headaches and such that you had with your first couple of doses of AT2, but they ceased at about my 3rd day in. I counter the appetite supression with ephedrine..crazy I know..but it raises my appetite BIG time. looking forward to your progress

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  6. u can do it, I myself maintain the same diet year round allowing for a cheat meal every 8-10 weeks...some may even argue they aren't cheats. my wife says I eat boring..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    u can do it, I myself maintain the same diet year round allowing for a cheat meal every 8-10 weeks...some may even argue they aren't cheats. my wife says I eat boring..
    Yeah, I have always had one cheat meal per month while off-cycle, and one cheat meal per week on-cycle. I compete annually, almost like clock work, so for more than a quarter year I am eating perfect by all measures, dedicating every waking moment toward endeavoring to move up in placings.

    I would never go months on end without having a cheat meal though, food is one of VERY FEW facets of life that is on par with my love and passion for bodybuilding. In fact, the argument could easily be made that I am so involved in training, to accomplish the dual goals of building muscle while subsequently burning enough calories in order to enjoy food while keeping lipogenesis at bay.

    When I flip the switch though, there is an instant and irreversible shift from food obsession, to tunnel vision focus on molesting the weights and spooning with oatmeal - haha! If food was a crime, Chris H. would have a 2-hour special on me: How to catch a ******** (meat, not pedophilia)!

  8. haha, molesting weights

    I've been eating this way since I was 11...it's engraved in me! I measure everything out, plan everything. I've got all kinds of recipes for "cheat" meals that I've converted over the years to "healthy" meals...lots of trial and error.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    haha, molesting weights

    I've been eating this way since I was 11...it's engraved in me! I measure everything out, plan everything. I've got all kinds of recipes for "cheat" meals that I've converted over the years to "healthy" meals...lots of trial and error.
    I would love to see/read some of your recipes; I'm always trying to make that conversion from cheat food, into clean calorie taste bud gratifying food!

    I have come up with McMuffins, Blueberry Muffins, Pancakes, Waffles, Pizza and Burritos so far

  10. I'll post some up when I'm at a comp

  11. Gentlemen... and Gentlemen...

    Today marks the maiden voyage of Week 3; so I thought it fitting to circle back around to some points of interest on the GPS map of progress and supplementation as my Summer Recomp rolls along...

    After punching out yesterday, I made the quick trek to the gym, and immediately went to work - the task at hand was chest, with a "B" (secondary) workout for triceps, all wrapped up with eight sets of abs to wrap up the evening.

    (Read in a thick Austrian accent) The workout was fantastic , and just as I have come to expect, blood was invading every fiber of my chest BEFORE I got to work on the 'real' sets. Of course upon waking in the morning, I made sure to toss Slin Sane into my lunch box, and throw back some Alpha T2 to kick-start my Sunday morning right. One of the most exciting aspects of the cycle thus far, was realizing I no longer get a disconnected feeling of nausea and severe appetite suppression from Alpha T2, which means I am now in full swing to experience ONLY the benefits from the triple threat of ingredients.

    Also a something I can't fail to mention, was the highlight of the day/workout - my virgin encounter with Protocol... what a blend! The first thing that struck me was how fine the powder was, the care and precision taken to ensure the entire amalgam was as water soluble/mixable as possible immediately set the stage for knowing this was a quality product. Now, in light of the past week's ever increasing performance and aggression while in the gym, I can't make note of a noticeable improvement in stamina or capability - but I just by looking at the panel and knowing Genomyx would never sacrifice quality, there is absolutely no way Protocol could fail in its intended action when paired with intense training. The taste was also very mild, something similar to a diluted crystal light - not overpowering or bitter in any way; and Lime flavor is usually a no-go zone for me, but I was not left disappointed (or gagging).

    Something else I took note of yesterday while grocery shopping after the workout, was once again how much the mind controls us. Even though I was barely twenty-four hours into my self imposed taste bud embargo rolling into my 8+ week nutritional regimen leading up to the Westward voyage to Las Vegas, I found myself already peeking over at the bakery items sitting out, beckoning to me. As time steadily marches forward, I will begin to shift from craving desserts and treats, to simply wanting an extra red potato, or another 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Although I'm not executing a total competition diet, I am holding strong to my commitment to forgo any/all calorie laden foods until that fateful final week of September rolls around and I make the frantic scurry from security to terminal and eventually bask in the approaching skyline of the Strip jetting out from the eternal surrounding sand and desert.

    Speaking of the Mr. Olympia... I wanted to make a prediction, or a hopeful vote of confidence. I believe this fall will mark the fourth Sandow Jay Cutler will be able to display on his awaiting custom made podium. At this point in time, and producing my prediction based on Jay's illustrious career topped off by last year's untouchable showing, I do not see anyone as a viable threat or formidable opponent. Kai has a tendency to hold water and cannot match Jay's overall stage presentation pound-for-pound, Phil is a very good bodybuilder who has limitless potential but not on par with the current king, and Branch has a very determined mindset to recapture or best last year's eye popping musculature - but doesn't have the upper body or back to stand side-by-side with Jay.

    Lastly, I just wanted to make mention of the extremely stark shift in perspective I've had since this Recomp began. At one, albeit short-lived, point I was dreading going to the gym, and could barely achieve a fully engorged pump and contraction - unable to even complete my entire post workout meal(s) due to an upset stomach and absolute loss of appetite. Now... without exaggeration, I am sincerely disappointed that I will be unable to make it to the gym this evening due to prior commitments. I am actually upset that today, is an off day; a wonderful and simply awesome feeling that I have not felt in quite a while. I seem to be free of any side effects or lethargy from Superdrol and Alpha T2, running on all cylinders!

    This week will hopefully mark another proud benchmark of successive heavy lifts and improved stamina/mental motivation - all contributing to that elusive pot of physique gold waiting at the end of the proceeding two-month rainbow!

  12. Glad to see Protocol was improved..the last tub I got (6 months ago) the powder was clumped and hard to mix. I'll be picking up more..ingredient profile is excellent.

    Outstanding, you should look into the new suppressor tablets we picked up from EST. They work wonders at controlling those sweet tooth cravings.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  13. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Glad to see Protocol was improved..the last tub I got (6 months ago) the powder was clumped and hard to mix. I'll be picking up more..ingredient profile is excellent.

    Outstanding, you should look into the new suppressor tablets we picked up from EST. They work wonders at controlling those sweet tooth cravings.
    This must be a brand new batch, the entire container was filled with powder so fine it was like snow - dissolved completely in water after vigorously shaking during my first few working sets.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Suppressor; I have used it before actually. I am in a unique situation though, because due to the GDAs I am on, as well as the increase in training volume and cardio after ever workout, I need to refuel with as much food as possible throughout the day - just needs to be nutritious food. If I cut my appetite once more, I'm afraid I'll slide back into the horrid caloric deficit I experience during the first few days of Alpha T2 - effectuating a muscle metabolizing nightmare.

  14. I'm in the same boat as you...I absolutely hate appetite suppression. Suppressor has kept all unhealthy cravings at a minimum.

    I'm contemplating an October show, schedule permitting.

    Keep killing it bro...I'm about to go and destroy chest.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  15. Subbing late, but looking forward to your future results. You have a hell of a stack going and should see greatness by the end of it!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    Subbing late, but looking forward to your future results. You have a hell of a stack going and should see greatness by the end of it!
    Thanks a lot for subscribing! It's only been a couple weeks, so you're still in the sweet spot The amalgam of compounds won't even reach peak activity for another few days anyway - so welcome!
  17. Talking

    This week wrapped up quite nicely - although I had to avoid the pitfall of cheat-food awesomeness yesterday. I was having visions of stuffed crust DiGiornos dancing in my head, gooey four cheese enveloping the polka-dotted sausage and peperoni laden crust... beckoning with feverish intensity to my taste buds, exciting my salivary glands. Were I a weaker man, I would still have onion on my breath, and a new deposit of unsightly pudginess around my midsection. In an attempt to quell my insatiable desire for cheese stuffed ecstasy, I hurried up the stairs to the kitchen, and whipped up a meat-head approved grilled cheese; 100% grain bread, with reduced fat splendor in the form of cheese between the golden brown (by fat free canola cooking spray) slices of Mmmmmmmm.

    Training this week was very productive - one workout of note was Tuesday morning's Arm Assault, which I contemplated on after the final rep was completed... finally arriving at the conclusion it was one of the most skin torturing pumps I have ever felt (in all the years of my training). My arms were so pumped, there was an actual painful sensation stemming from the skin and rooted nearly to the bone. I have usually only encountered these types of 'swells' after a post-contest food binge, depriving myself of any semblance of sugar in a controlled starvation for months on end to reach single digit body-fat - and then partaking in an endless plate shuffling calorie heaven soon after the trophies are awarded; sending me into an insulin induced near coma, but resulting in life changing pumps the following few days. It is truly a sensation that can't be justly elucidated by means of a keyboard and the limitation of the English language.

    A couple days during the mid-week stretch included 2-a-day insanity. My energy levels stayed constant, thanks to Alpha T2, and the necessitated hyper-caloric intake to sustain muscle strength and glycogen was assisted by Recompadrol and Slin Sane. I am confounded and confused how Slin Sane, with its seemingly simple three ingredient blend, continues to elicit such solid and super-charged muscle volume and fullness. As I packed my lunch this morning, I made sure to toss the bottle of Slin Sane on top of all the chicken-filled Tupperware accompanied by Uncle Ben's 90-second rice sachets. The trick to deriving maximum benefit from Slin Sane, in my experience thus far, is to remain well hydrated, and to truly follow the label directions of dosing 15 minutes PRIOR to your first bite of the pre-workout meal. Protocol is also serving up an undeniable knockout punch where recovery and stamina is concerned... going a long way toward maxing out the 1-10 product rating in my mind, especially due to its taste and solubility (a product can be a supreme muscle building machine, but if I have to squint my eyes and choke down the powder with a look of sickness smeared across my face, the likelihood of repeat purchase or consistent usage is very slim).

    I have recently formed some very pressing questions that I am intent on settling. The primary uncertainty I have, concerns GDAs and timing. I have read elsewhere and developed my own theory that GDAs immediately following a workout with the post-workout shake/or whole-food, is redundant and moot, because the body has already been stimulated to set the stage for optimal nutrient uptake and partitioning. I usually dose GDAs such as Recompadrol, Glycobol, or pure r-ALA with my post-post workout meal, in order to encourage my body's 1 1/2 hour carb shuttling/utilizing state to max out or prolong, so I can soak up every last calorie as muscle rebuilding fuel before that workout-induced anabolic window closes for the day (I only use Slin Sane prior to breakfast, and my pre-workout meal). I would be very appreciative to hear all of your thoughts regarding GDA usage for optimal results, anabolism, and adipogenesis aversion.


  18. I've been looking for something like this.

    I'm sooooooooo SUBD!
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  19. Your PMs are all coming together for me now
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  20. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Your PMs are all coming together for me now
    Yeah - you BETTER subscribe

  21. Quote Originally Posted by luelinks View Post
    I've been looking for something like this.

    I'm sooooooooo SUBD!
    WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by... I'm just about to make another update

  22. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Your PMs are all coming together for me now
    You guys should let me log Glycobol for you guys. I'm ganna bulk soon and as a college student going to pre-med school in a year or two I'm broke as fukk. So you should help me out a little

    P.S. somebody from AI said on one of the threads that some people don't really see any effects until 6 caps but the recommendation on the bottle says 4 tops. Is that true?
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  23. I would be very surprised. It's actually not uncommon for guys to lower the dose to under four caps per day. All of our products are formulated to be ran at optimal doses for 30 days.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I don't want to hijack Outstanding's thread
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  24. "Basal Nutraceutical Preparations
    - Genomyx Slin Sane
    - PES Alpha T2
    - Lean Body Formulations Recompadrol"

    Slin Sane is $20 I think and Recompadrol is $30. So which one do you think is better?
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  25. The wheels keep on turning... and so far so GREAT! I feel like I'm humming down an interstate superhighway in a new Bentley GT, cruise control on and freshly paved black top just below the revolving rubber.

    I jotted down a few POI (points of interest) that have been swimming around in the good old gray matter this previous week - and hope its alright if I start there; a bullet-list weekly synopsis of sorts.

    -Alpha T2 has been paying back dividends in a big way, a very smooth and now enjoyable voyage toward progressive fat loss. I can tell the thermogenic properties are in full fledged effect. I am crossing my fingers my other bottle of AT2 arrives in the mail before my current supply is drained, so I can continue along the cycle flawlessly, and report back with my ongoing thoughts. I am curious though, about the optimal side-by-side dosing of this T2 supplement would be with T3; should they be dosed concomitantly, or should AT2 be used solely during the day, and Cytomel saved for the evening in order to burn through adipose tissue as I sleep?

    -I am intent on the cessation of my insulin (Humulin-R) usage, and would like to close this chapter on my first experience with exogenous insulin. I have read some slightly conflicting reports throughout the under ground annals of forums and research articles though, and am torn on the best method of disuse, whether to taper or stop cold turkey. I am stopping the use of insulin because of several factors, including but not limited to a slowing in the lipolytic reaction in response to dieting, a slight yet noticeable stomach bloat, and the slim yet plausible nominal risk of severely or permanently attenuating my body's natural ability to excrete insulin naturally (also, I have not realized NEAR the purported anabolic effect from calculated insulin usage that is propagated online). Another pressing question is... what supplements can I administer to up-regulate and repair my body's endogenous insulin mechanisms and sensitivity back to basal or augmented levels (akin to repairing b2 receptors post Clenbuterol use, or TSH levels post T3 usage).

    -SDN's ROGUE just arrived in the mail yesterday! This supplement is the last addition to my Summer/Fall Recomp leading up to the Mr. Olympia contest/vacation. After dosing 2 caps twice daily on Saturday, and 2 caps this morning prior to breakfast with Slin Sane and Recompadrol - I am EXTREMELY most full and pumped than I can recall ever being simply sitting in front of a computer screen. My arms and chest are pushing out against my shirt, and my entire sense of well being is improved - not to mention a DRAMATIC increase in appetite. I am watching the clock, trying to get that second hand to sweep faster in order to being my next meal, mere moments after the final bite of my proceeding meal. I have never felt effects this fast, evident, and powerful from ANY OTC supplement I have ever tried during the tenure of my bodybuilding career and endeavoring (aside from Generation-1 PHs years ago, and perhaps high Slin Sane intake prior to a cheat meal).

    -I will be purchasing HCG and Clomid late next week, in an anticipatory measure to have all PCT items on hand and readily available once the anabolic constituents of my cycle are disused. Still not committed in stone to how and when I will be starting the Clomid or HCG injections.

    -This past week's training has been another MASSIVE success... I have been able to time-and-time again tap into energy stores that seem nearly limitless, even when training twice daily (which happened twice this week). The pumps and stamina are not only still substantial, but seem to be improving with each successive bout in the gym. I am feeling unstoppable, and with ongoing slight tweaks to my nutrition, I am seeing the midsection tighten and my overall physique seem to slowly yet constantly enlarge, as an illusion of perspective caused by composition (fat mass to lean mass) changes.

    -I have been eating low-far Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts as my post workout meal once again (I did this several years ago). I believe the reduced fat version alleviates any slowing of the glycemic reaction, and also reduced potential lipogenesis as a result of insulin injection.

    -Lastly... as I briefly mentioned in another thread, I have been so blown away by Slin Sane, I have started to use it in non traditional ways; meaning before breakfast and prior to bed. Pre-breakfast elicits an incomparable muscle fullness in response to the oatmeal or shredded 100% whole wheat cereal + soy milk eaten 15 minutes later. Dosing Slin Sane prior to falling asleep has also shown amazing potential, as it empties my body of any excess glycogen and saturates my recovering lean tissues with fuel and fullness, awaking to a round and hard physique.

    The week was quite a success... and with the dosing increase of HCA powder from Lean Body Formulations, as well as a consistent reliance on their Recompadrol product, all meshed with the above mentioned tweaks - I am growing more excited about the proceeding 7 weeks than I can remember being in quite a long time!


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