Natadrol and T-911 are pushing AE over the edge (sponsored)

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  1. Natadrol and T-911 are pushing AE over the edge (sponsored)

    Oh yeah baby, it is here. 2 90 count bottles of Natadrol and 1 bottle of
    T-911 Its logging time.

    S0 let me first start with a big thanks to everyone at LG for their trust and confidence with this great opportunity. It is very much appreciated.

    For anyone who has seen a log from me in the past, you know basically how I work. Here is my typical split (please keep in mind I hit cardio 7 days a week, usually at 4:30am during the week)

    Opening stats:
    5'11" 204lbs as of this am

    Monday: Back (deads focused)
    Tuesday: No Lifting
    Wednesday: Legs (ancilliary exercises)
    Thursday: (Chest/Shoulders)
    Friday: Back(no deads)
    Saturday: Legs (power-day)
    Sunday: Chest/Tris

    I recently started back into competing in powerlifting. In fact I competed last month and placed 3rd in the bp at 198lbs. I plan on competing again within the next few months, depending on when a meet opens up.

    Current Supps:
    IML Essence EFA
    IML Flex Rx

    Thats basically it.

    So the package arrived with an earlier than normal mail delivery around 11am. So I took my first dose around then. Now, there were no dosing instructions, but with 180 lasting 30 days, even my rudimentary math tells me 6 per day. So I think (and anyone from LG can chime in with this) 3am 3 pm? That is how I am going today.

    Well, with much anticipation I hit the gym for legs:

    Back squat (9 sets) 275lbs 5 deep reps (using my knee wraps)
    Zercher Squats (5 sets) 225lbs 5 reps
    Leg Press (5 sets) 6 45's each side a tad fatigued

    SL DL (5 sets) 185lbs
    Seated leg curls (5 sets) 115lbs
    Lying leg curls (5 sets) 135lbs

    Felt great, had an amazing pump and was rearing to continue. Really, really looking forward to chest and tris tomorrow.

    Looking forward to any input for all folks here, so please feel free.

    Additionally, with put starting photos up tomorrow

    Lets roll
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  2. 11/8/09 204lbs (top image)

    12/6/09 208.5lbs (bottom image)
    Attached Images Attached Images    
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. can't wait til this kicks into gear . . . Legal Gear, that is!
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  4. subbed in AE!! got my package today as well so Ill be getting my log up and running shortly. Im also interested in the dosing protocol as well, so Im going to hold out on my first dose until we have confirmation.

  5. sub'd- yep what is the dosing protocol??

  6. Subba dubb

  7. Yes, 6 per day is what we are looking at testing! Good luck I hope you enjoy it.

  8. Subbed for my man AE. I expect big things from you in a month. :-)

  9. In for the gains man! Good luck and train hard!

  10. Thanks guys. I am looking forward to kicking some a$$ with this.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    Yes, 6 per day is what we are looking at testing! Good luck I hope you enjoy it.
    Does it matter if it is split or all at once?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Does it matter if it is split or all at once?
    Yeah I am wondering this as well, is it better to split dosage between AM and PM or to dose all 6 at once AM? Im also curious as to whether it needs to be taken on an empty stomach, say 30 minutes before meals, or should it be taken with meals?

  13. I havnt heard directly from the big man and 3 am 3 pm may be all you need but just to have all bases covered id do 2am 2mid day 2 pm so there for its a consistent blood level.

    Im really intrigued by this as i even have no idea whats in it, so im definately along for the ride brother!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  14. subd, enjoy this run AE and get big

  15. 2 2 2? Ok I will run it that way starting today.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    2 2 2? Ok I will run it that way starting today.
    I guess I'll dose it this too

  17. Yeah, do 2/2/2 that is probably best!

  18. that is how I started the day. Will continue dosing in that manner
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  19. can't wait to hear how this treats you

  20. curious to follow man! in for this
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  21. Main thing to track is weight.

  22. Will do, about to upload pre pictures. I weighed in at 204 as of yesterday
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  23. along 4 the ride

  24. Tear it up AE! How fast will this kick in and was there a write up of ingredients with this that I missed?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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