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  1. I really like the picture comparison -- a lot of people might just think that because they have big pecs, they have gyno, so that kind of puts the nail down.

  2. ralox @ 45mg for 6-20wks will do it. low dose of stane too to control the big E

  3. So what's up with the guy in the second pic on the first page? Does he have gyno just by his appearance ?

  4. So after reading through the topic, I have a question about the subject. I have not used any type of prohormones for a long time now,for about a year. Back while I was taking a product I developed symptoms like tender nips, little lumps and mild mild discharge. I stopped taking the product and start arimidex. The discharge stopped, the tenderness went away and the lump under one nipple left but one stayed with really no problem. Months and month and month go by and out of the blue my right nipple has now flared up, its sensitive and there is a small lump. I haven't touched anything except food, protein and p reworkout. No hormones, no nothing! I have read so many half ass articles about rebound this and that, take caber, drink more water, use more drugs and someone told me about black lion research product called prolactrone. People swear by it but I have no clue. Im not getting any swollen bitch tit weird nipple but this **** is disheartening. Anyone have a inside look into this matter? Is this seriously the possibility that you can have this **** flare up after this long? In other words am I doomed

  5. I've been to the doc and they agreed with me in having a gyno of about 2cm.

    I'm about to do plastic surgery, is there any chance I can reduce it other than with surgery?


  6. As with Maxinator I have had something similar come up as well in my right nipple. I have not done any prohormones and have just used androstene more than a year ago and did a PCT then and things seemed fine. About 4-5 months ago my right nipple was very sensitive and being annoying. So I setup appt with PCP and he sent me to get an Ultrasound and they ended up doing that and a mamogram. They concluded it was most likely gyno. It is about the size of a pea. I have not followed up with my PCP to see next options/steps yet, but really don't want to do surgery if I can avoid.
    I am first wondering why this is coming up now and is it something I can use an AI or SERM and be done with it for good? Or am I risking other issues doing this now and getting my hormones out of whack. Or is my body at 44 telling me something is off and I need to look into?
    They noted that it could be medications based issues, but I am not sure. I am currently on Humira for a type of RA, Crestor for chorlesterol and Melixicam for migranes and I dont think they are supposed to have any sort of issues like this.

    Thoughts or comments?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    I've been to the doc and they agreed with me in having a gyno of about 2cm.

    I'm about to do plastic surgery, is there any chance I can reduce it other than with surgery?

    Using Drugs to treat Gyno

    There is every chance, if you can read and have about 100 bux and the brain capacity to understand the written word. It's a little involved, but the answers are all practically there. You have to understand most doctors are idiots, and care more about milking your insurance or medical coverage than actually treating your gyno. Another thing you have to understand is that a lot of doctors just prescribe **** by the book, having no idea whatsoever how it works and what it does... these are textbook doctors.

    All the info in the link above that I posted is backed by real life experience, and medically sound and verified, if you can read you can fix your own gyno

  8. Thanks so far. I'll have a read into it.

    Will this also work if I have my gyno for several years?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    Thanks so far. I'll have a read into it.

    Will this also work if I have my gyno for several years?
    Depends on the individual circumstances and personal body response. I know raloxifene particularly has been used to treat set-in gyno in some medical studies, and the response was individual based, but on the whole it effectively reduced the size and development of the gyno over the course of treatment (2-3 months I believe at 60mg daily) and in some cases eliminated the gyno entirely.

    Will depend entirely on you and your own personal determination, as well as understanding of your own physiology. Maybe this link can help for further knowledge;


    ^^True story by the way, speaking from personal and direct experience. I've cured countless ailments with this understanding alone, cancer cases included... so it follows by extension that gyno shouldn't even remotely be an issue

  10. Should I be good here? Ive done cycles with Mecha, hdrol, epi, and stano in the past with OTC PCT stuff, and never gotten gyno. I mainly just used heavy dose of AI and a test booster. Im using trenavar here and I'm worried about gyno, just I'm using a seem. Do I look protected?

    Mechabol: 100/100/100/100/100/100
    Trenavar: 45/45/60/60/75/75
    Inhibit-P: 1/1/1/2/2 (caps)
    Erase: 50/50/50/50/50/50

    Nolva: 30/30/20/20
    Inhibit-P: 2/2/2/2/2 (caps)
    Erase: 100/100/100/100/100
    DAA 3/3/3/3/3/3

  11. edit (double post)

  12. wow. I pray for you guys. reading this stuff has kept me off prohormones, it just seems liike its not worth it. now you have to go spend more money.

  13. My right side only, directly beneath nipple, about the size of a quarter, firm and rather hard mass, very sore to the touch. It doesn't really make any outwardly visible appearance. I only noticed it one day upon drying off with a towel and noticed the soreness when I pressed the nipple area. So, based on what I've read here - great post, by the way - I'm convinced that I have gynecomastia. (yes?)

    Some background: I did one 6-week cycle of Epistane this past June-July (6 months ago) at 30/45/45/45/45/45 and did a proper PCT, after which, I took only natty supps and continued my usual healthy eating regimen.

    I have clomid and tamox on hand. How should I attack this condition?


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