First cycle.....any advice?

  1. First cycle.....any advice?

    I'm going to do my first cycle of PH's. I'm going to order tonight when I get back from the gym. I'm going to get the Lean Mass stack from this site. It has:

    (2) bottle of T-1 [FINAL]
    (3) bottles of 1,4-DIOL

    and will last 4 weeks. Is this enough for a first stack? I've been lurking around this board for a few days now and some people have said I shouldn't do a transdermal the first time. But I've heard so many good things about them I'm gonna go for it anyways. Does anyone think I need anything additional with this stack? I will need something post cycle, correct? 6OXO? I want to lean out and put on some LBM also. I'm also going to implement GVT with this cycle along with a CKD diet. What are the typical sides associated with this? I've been seriously dieting for a show since Jan. 1st.(Have not cheated once up until last weekend)Was 236 lbs. to start, down to bout 188lbs. before the weekend and my first refeed brought me to just under 200lbs. My body is primed to grow. I will document my results for the next four weeks. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Sides? Hairloss, nut shrinkage, lower libido, lethargy, zits. The 4ad in the t1final should help with the lethargy and libido somewhat and not everyone is as susceptible w/regards to sides.
    6oxo is the best otc supp.

  3. I'm actually thinking of using the lean stack from Avant labs.

    ONE beta 8 oz - Avant Labs
    1,4 Andro 200mg/90 Capsules - 1Fast400

    For people concerned about estrogenic effects and lean mass gains during an anabolic cycle, the Lean Stack may be the choice for you. Avant Labs ONE, which provides 6 grams of 1-testosterone dissolved in an advanced delivery matrix, is the most effective lean muscle building supplement on the market. It utilizes a biphasic Penetration Enhancement Complex, ensuring superior % delivery vs. other 1-testosterone products. In addition, the sustained release action inherent to topicals ensures that androgen levels remain continuously elevated, day and night, aiding your muscle-building efforts long after other products have quit.

    As many know, 1-testosterone cannot aromatize, and hence, libido may suffer and gains may slow due to a lack of estrogen. In order to ensure a maximum anabolic environment with minimal fat gain on an androgen cycle, it may be benificial to introduce a small amount of estrogen into the body, which will in turn improve libido and accellerate muscle gains. It is 1,4 Andro (1,4-androstadiene-3,17-dione) that provides a strong anabolic affect, while exhibiting very small estrogenic conversion rates (approximate rate is half that of testosterone and androstenedione).

    1,4 Andro is perhaps the most orally active prohormone ever developed. It converts to the popular steroid known as Boldenone (1,4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-ol). Boldenone has a very strong anabolic effect and a low to medium androgenic effect. This substance will aid in producing the maximum amount of lean mass gains, while ensuring a favorable amount of estrogen is released, which is needed create a more anabolic environment.

    What is the best product? I know the Avant labs has more 1-test.

  4. 60X0 is not the best OTC. I suggest some clomid or Nolv for post cycle. A lot more cost effective also.

  5. Yeah, but you need a prescription for clomid,nolva don't you?
    sciencesupply and liquidresearch aren't exactly otc.

  6. Originally posted by MarcusG
    Yeah, but you need a prescription for clomid,nolva don't you?
    sciencesupply and liquidresearch aren't exactly otc.

    No script.  It's for research.  I just ordered from pumpnpose.  They are the only ones with clomid right now.  Decent price too.

  7. Err..heard that pumpnpose had problems but that could be a while ago.

  8. BBC either is good. Depends on the dose you are going to use. The t1 will be cheaper and so will the 1,4.. So figure out your need and get the cheapest of the 2. Keep us posted on what you do...

    Or you could try doing it yourself... TTY
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  9. Well I ordered the stack from avant labs. It has ONE/1,4 andro. We'll see how my first cycle goes. Should I take cranberry extract while on this stack?

  10. Not sure what does it do? TTY
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  11. I guess it decreases the risk of prostate enlargement............I'm not quite sure myself. I heard that on another board so that's why I ask. Does anyone know if this actually helps? or if there is anything else that I should take with this stack? Thanks

  12. Saw Palmetto will help with that. Maybe its the same thing... Come to think of it think it is.. Just double the dose what it says on the bottle(Saw).. TTY
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