first cycle of T3..some advice

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  1. Originally posted by goldylight
    which one is easier on the hair loss? i also hear anivar is hard to come by - but i will check that out for myself. also i think i can only get primo tabs and i would rather have the liquid. Thanks BTW

    Yeah either of these will not have any affect on hairloss, of course with excessive dosages anything is possible. I am thinking of picking up some anavar in the very near future and using it alone to see what it is like. From my source it is not very cheap though

  2. pinzino, how much u plan on running? 40+mg/day?

  3. I will be taking 0.5mg/kg. I am 91 kilos so I am going to take 45mg/day. (2.2 pounds per kilo)



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