Cycle advice

  1. Cycle advice

    Hey everyone im new here and i was just wondering if i could get some advice. i'm debating between a couple different cycles but i don't know which one to utilize, also i feel i am still to young for Steroids but any input is helpful

    *I plan on using Albuterol in a 2 on 2 off protocol for 8 weeks with all of these dosed at 12mg the first week 15mg the second week 18mg the fifth week and 21mg the sixth week

    These are the 3 cycles im deciding between

    Cycle A:
    -Kynoselen 1ml split bi-laterally between the muscle being trained 45 mins pre workout
    -TB-500 taken post workout in the muscle trained following the 4mg/week for 4 weeks loading phase and then 5mg a month maintenance

    Cycle B:
    -IGF-1 DES 30mcg 45 mins pre workout
    -MGF 50mcg 45 mins post workout

    Cycle C:
    -GHRP-6 75mcg 3x a day
    -Mod GRF 75mcg 3x a day

    My stats are as follows:
    Height: 5,4
    Weight: 170lbs
    BF: about 9% (I can see all of my abdominal muscles very clearly)
    Age: 23
    Goal: Trying to bulk and gain quality size but still stay lean and improve strength
    * The reason i am asking about these substances is because i know i am not old enough to do a cycle yet (as i stated above) but i want to give myself a little extra edge and try to put on some more size

    My diet is as follows:
    I eat roughly 3500 calories a day somedays more

    My protein intake is 1 gram per pound of body weight at a minimum and i get my protein from lean beef, eggs, and chicken

    My carbs are the bulk of my diet and i consume roughly 450-500g a day (they are so high because my body responds very well to carbohydrates and i don't typically put on a ton of body fat from eating a lot of carbs)and my carbs come from brown rice, oats, quinoa, Rye, Sprouted Ezekiel, Chia, Sweet potato, low gi fruits such as apples and bannanas, and honey pre workout

    My Fats just come from my meats eggs and oats since my body responds very poorly to fats, the only time i intentionally get fats from a source besides meat is y pre bed snack of and apple and a serving of peanut butter

    My training routine is as follows: for all exercises my rep range is 5,8,12,15
    Day 1: Bis (ez bar curl, decline dbell curl, dbell hammer curls, dbell preacher curls, chin ups)
    Day 2: Tris (close grip bench, skull crusher, pushdowns, over head rope extension, dips)
    Day 3: Hams (squats, dbell stiff leg dead lift, single leg curls, glute ham raise, seated leg curl)
    Day 4: Chest (Incline bench, Flat bench, Decline bench, Hammer strength incline machine, hammer stregth flat machine, dbell flyes)
    Day 5: Shoulders (Barbell overhead press, machine lateral raises, dbell front raise, machine rear delt flye)
    Day 6: Back (Deadlifts, dbell rows, lat pulldown, high row machine, assisted pullups (really focusing on contraction), exercise for rhomboid)
    Day 7: Quads (Hack squats, sissy squats, leg extension, leg press)

    I am a big advocate of compound exercises such as deads and squats and i train each body part on its own day because this way i can really focus on properly working on each bodypart and i take a week off every 12 weeks or so to let my cns recover

    Help is greatly appreciated!


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