I jumped starting my test cyp cycle with 4 weeks of p plex at 20,30,40,40 for the first 4 weeks along with 500 mg of test cyp . My question is would it be all right to bridge into a 4 week cycle of kilo sport trenadrol with some furaguno to help cut up . I've put on about 12 lbs of good quality muscle so far , but I'm holding a little water because of the p plex . The cyp is really starting to kick in this week . Pumps are insane , my strength is thru the roof . I feel as if I could stay at the gym for hours . My recovery time is unbelievable . No sides except for a little oily skin and minor acne . I have another 12 weeks left on this cycle of cyp and would like to change it up some . I had some Dball lined up but it turned out to be fake . I have a huge assortment of prohormones though