Yet another sore nipple post

  1. Yet another sore nipple post

    So i am running a pretty heavy cycle this go around, and after the first week i started have some really sore nipples. Now this is usually nothing new for me as this isnt my first cycle. Usually when they start getting sore i just pop 20mg of nolva until pain is gone, then continue on.

    However this time, the pain has come on much faster ,1-1.5 weeks, and my 20mg nolva hasnt been helping any. I have been checking for anything growing under my nips, but other than the gyno i have from pre-puberty days, there is nothing. And the strange thing this time is that my nipple tips are quite sore, but not really sensitive to say a towel being brushed over them.

    As you can see from my setup, i am running liquidex .5 mg ED as my AI

    Any opinions would be much appreciated!

    1-4 > Test Prop @ 500mg/week
    1-14 > Test E @ 600mg/week
    4-12 > Tren Ace @ 75mg ED
    7-14 > Masteron Prop @ 100mg/EOD
    4-14 > HCG @ 250iu x 2/week
    1-14 > Liquidex @ .25mg ED
    4-14 > Prami @ .5mg ED

  2. Oh yeah… and they huuuurt like a bitch! Just rolled over on one while laying down… friggin hell

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