4-ad for 12 weeks?

  1. 4-ad for 12 weeks?

    Hey all,

    Currently day 2 into my cycle (4-ad for weeks 1-8, m-1-t for weeks 4-8) and as usual.. I'm constantly rethinking my strategy.

    Any thoughts about running 4-ad for 12 weeks instead of just 8 @ 4squits/day?

    Reason is... I would like to run m-1-t for the first 4 weeks, take 4 weeks off from it and finish up the cycle with another 4 weeks of m-1-t. So it'd be:

    weeks 1-12: 4-ad
    weeks 1-4: m-1-t
    weeks 4-8: no m-1-t
    weeks 8-12: m-1-t

    Any ideas?



  2. I think you'll definitely need HCG, but other than that I see no problem. It's just like being on test for 12weeks. I have never gone over 8 weeks with PHs, because I can't get HCG.

  3. that should work fine, yes. HCG would definitely be ideal, although not absolutely necessary.

  4. HCG, huh?

    I do not have access to HCG at all.

    Would a stronger and longer run of Nolva be just as effective? As in the range of 60mg ED for the first couple (or few?) weeks and then taper it down by 20MG every week there after until I finish out at 10MG?



  5. No it won't be as effective as HCG. Nothing is. Expect to be significantly shut down.
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