Pinning ED

  1. Pinning ED

    Now that I need to start my Winni, i have to pin ED. Can anyone give me some advice of the less painful spots or any advice at all.
    I was going to do glutes and outer quads but im not sure that with be enough for ED.
    For those who have pinned in the quads, Do you pin in pretty much in the center of your thigh?
    I am also using a 1.5 25g needle but going half way in.
    I think i may be over thinking this and freaking myself out lol.

  2. I pinned ed for 6 weeks before and it was just fine without delts in the rotation. With the quad, i like to shoot center or just right of center and around halfway down. You can shoot the quad in completely different locations, it's so big.

    I gotta remember to say with quads, there's a lot of veins, for me anyway, try to avoid them. I've hit nerves a bunch but it just feels kinda funny for a second, not so bad.

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