cycle plan

  1. cycle plan

    I have posted proposed cycles a few times, but I think I have finally got a good one to start with. This is my lean bulker. I plan to start Feb 1st.

    EQ 400mg/week week 1-10
    Test ethanate 500mg/week week 1-10
    M-1-T 20mg/day week 1-4
    Letro 1.25mg/day week 2-10

    Clomid 150mg/day week 12-13
    Nolva 25mg/day week 14-15
    10mg/day week 16

    I am 6'4 230 about 15%BF
    I have price this cycle and it is going to run me about $300 with out the M-1-t, and with pinz, and with enough nolva and test for another cycle.

    any thoughts or opinions?

  2. yes , cycle looks good , 2 things though :
    1) and mostly importantly , cut bf to 10 % before u start.
    2) use hcg at the end .

  3. I dont think you will ned that much Letrozole, maybe 1.25 mg eod.

  4. I am thinking of the same cycle only cutting the M1T down to 5 or 10mgs.

    I notice your not ending with a short acting steroid. Does anyone feel it is neccesary or a good idea to do so. Does this aid in the pct. Other than winny what else could be used at the end. Prop?

  5. Cycle looks fine.

    I would drop the letro completely and only use it if necessary.

    Your post cycle is a little different but it should work. add some hcg.

  6. no need to especially get something short acting at the end , if ur cycle has already been planned that way ( not just to suit pct) , then sure , if not , stick to normal methods used for longer esters .

  7. looks good but I would say the letrozole .5mg ed throughout cycle

  8. Originally posted by BMZ
    looks good but I would say the letrozole .5mg ed throughout cycle
    Same Here.

  9. If one were to use 4AD w/ 4OHT, would letrozole be advised during a 5 week cycle also? Since 4-OHT has anti-estrogenic effects I'm thinking no. I plan on using Nolva+Clomid afterwards.

    Appreciate any feedback.

  10. How are you guys planning on him dosing .5mgs of letz.? It usually comes in 2.5mg/ml. I mean it could be done i guess, .2 mls, but it is kind of a pain in the ass.


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