Adding Small Dose of T Cyp to hCG Monotherapy -- will it shut my testes down?

  1. Adding Small Dose of T Cyp to hCG Monotherapy -- will it shut my testes down?

    Hi all.

    So. I asked this before, without any responses.

    I just had 3 surgeries. 2 on my shoulders, clavicular resection and SLAP repairs on each side, torn rotator cuff on one side, and ulnar nerve transposition on one side.

    I have been doing PT aggressive, and, so far, limited to home exercise. Fortnately, I've maintained most of my size, even though I've been lifting VERY light, without any real chest work -- just chair push ups.

    I'd like to speed up the recovery, and I understand getting more water into the joint can help this, as can increased T levels. I am not interested in deca. I figured that taking 50 mgs of test cyp per week on top of my 1k IUs E3D hCG may help. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what this may do to the t production from my testes -- whether the exogenous T will militate against the hCG effects. Anyone have any ideas. My doc didn't seem to know though, admittedly, he's not that familiar with hCG. I dont want to increase my hCG dose because of E2 issues.

    So, bottom line, will the small T Cyp dosage undermine what was hCG monotherapy via a feedback loop. I've never read of anone doing this. Typically, I only hear of taking both under the Cristler protocol, which didn't work nearly as well for me as hCG monotherapy.

    Any thoughts from the experienced?


  2. Its extremely hard to predict. Obviously there is a threshold that cant be crossed without suppressing endogenous production. Not only is there not really any literature on what that amount is, its also going to vary somewhat for each individual....I would personally suspect that after a short time it would not only begin to suppress, but also counteract the HCG....thats just a guess, as there isnt any good, reliable information available to make that determination...


  3. Thanks. Yeah, I agree, unchartered territory. I was hoping someone could speak from experience.

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