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  1. LSU would beat usc by 10 if they played tomorrow with randall or a freshman at qb and wr.Write it down. Usc isn't physical enough and defense isn't anywhere near as good,its soft.And the o is only good against them weak d's they play.

  2. I don't know about USC's defense being soft. They did hold Chris Perry to like 80 yards, when they gave up points and yards, it was usually when they were in prevent mode after having a 30+ point lead. It would have been a treat to watch USC and LSU last year though, would have been similar to the Giants vs. Bills Super Bowl IMO cause you have a dominating defense vs. an extremely powerful offense.

  3. USC's defense is alot softer than LSU's is what im saying.We gave up points and yards late just like they did> saban put in the 4th string in 3rd quarter several times.USC got straight scored on with their starters in the game,i have seen it.Not to mention they play nobody and still gave up yards and points.And as for michigan,they are extremely soft,not real good,no d,and o line is weak and holding perry to 80 yards isnt good.Look what oregon did to michigan..

  4. I'll be interested to see how both LSU and USC perform with the bullseye on their backs. As Ohio State well knows, it's a helluva lot tougher than coming from no where.

    Just don't count out The U.

  5. Yea michigan should be a tad better this year with a new qb,or so they say.I know predictions are nothing dude.Im just talkin **** bout football.But yes usc is softer than LSU, and michigan is softer than you think.

  6. The Florida State University Seminoles!

    Provided they can get past the mental block in little Havana.....

  7. UW Huskies, of course.
    I know its wishful thinking. This year I will be happy if they win 8 games.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Purple Huskies
    UW Huskies, of course.
    I know its wishful thinking. This year I will be happy if they win 8 games.
    I love this guy!!1
    You're right... other than losing Reggie Williams, we just dont have the depth and standout talent of the early 90's Dawgs. I do think Isiah will come through this year and hopefully the young running back crew can continue what they showed during spring ball. GO DAWGS!! But logically, OU and UM (with the FSU game at Miami) are my two obvious choices

  9. Got the Season Tickets Today!!!!!!!! Man, I can see sebastian standing on the U at the 50 yard line leading the C-A-N-E-S cheer and the whole OB stating to shake. Less than 2 months till we make it 6 in a row over FSWho?

    GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Damn, lucky bastard! I graduated so I cannot buy a season ticket any more. Last time Miami played Washington, Huskies beat them, but who remembers that, eh?
    Sage, yeah the 90s glory is long gone. I am more excited with this years team than last years'. Hopefyly leave the last years mess and move on. In Dawg we trust.

  11. I remember. That was crokers first lost for a long long time until he lost to Ohio St. in the Fiesta. Also remember when they went down to UM and broke their 50-something home game winning streak back in 1995 with damon huard leading the squad. Napolean Kaufman was philthy.

  12. Right, seems you both forgot the 62-7 ass whooping Dorsey put on the #12 ranked Huskies in 2001 in the Orange Bowl. Or, do you guys not want to remember that, dont blame you if you do.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Brock Landers
    Right, seems you both forgot the 62-7 ass whooping Dorsey put on the #12 ranked Huskies in 2001 in the Orange Bowl. Or, do you guys not want to remember that, dont blame you if you do.
    Ah yes, if i team gets whoped by 50+ points in a 'nationally televised' game, you tend to put it out of your memory bank. Good call..... Go huskies

  14. What are you talking about? UW did nto participate 2001 Orange Bowl. Florida and Maryland did.
    Any ways, I guess there was a game a cuple years ago that Miami beat Washington pretty bad. Really dont remember the game since it was not home game. In fact, I almost forgot ass spanking Ohio State gave us last yaer.
    My best UW football memory is when they went to Lincon and handed loss to Nebraska on their way to National title. Ahh, Brunel and Billy Joe. Good stuff man. I guess I am really enjoying Apple Cup last few years since we are beating them Cougs good.

  15. Uh, The hurricanes play home games in the OB in Miami. Sorry for the confusion, didnt mean the BCS game.

  16. Really, I like Sage, good guy, but you UW fans don't need to be talking **** to us Canes.

    62-7 in '01. That says it all. Hehe. I've heard that was probably the most electric the OB has been since the late 80's.

  17. True, it was embarassing loss for UW, but I am just saying if it was not for them Dawgs your beloved Miami foootball program would have won 2 national titles instead of one. Now how do you like that?

  18. Yea, i like Sage too. Hey PHuskies... we really dont have a case. Not too strong of an arguement when you're countering the man by saying we stopped them from going undefeated, while we've been struggling to get 8-9 wins a season for the last decade. This year will be even tougher.

  19. Huskies,
    I know yall really love saying we lost a shot at the 2000 championship because yall beat us, but the fact is that we got screwed by the then BCS formula. FSU shoulda never been in the OB that year against OU, we should have. We had a better strength of schedule than both you and the Criminoles, and we beat FSU head to head when they were #1.

    If you remember, they changed the BCS formula after that fiasco, and we would have played OU with the formula that was present in '01. We would have beaten OU and their mediocre offense in the OB that year.

  20. Yeah, that was crap in '00, I would have loved to have seen Dan Morgan flatten Josh Heupel. However, it dosent piss me off much. I had a great time seeing the Canes kick Spurriers ass in the Sugar Bowl. New Orleans was off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!

    Want to talk about real crap? Lets fast forward to 2002...............You know what I mean.

  21. Damn I can not wait for college football season to start.

  22. lol, I will alway have something to say no matter how pitiful the agument is. For the record, I do know if we compare UW to Miami for last 5 years, Miami have all over UW... Wins, titles, or number of players drafted. I really dont care how much UW stinks. Unfortunately, as a Seattle sports fan, I am used to supporting teams with losing records like M's this year.
    Yeah, Manu, I got my gameday t-shirts today. I am ready to go.

  23. I don't think they have started selling maroon out shirts here yet but once they do that means its on

  24. Thank God college football is almost here. I live for Saturdays in the fall. Makes me miss Columbus and Lane Ave, though. They just don't have anything like that out here in CO Springs. It sucks having to order the games, but it's worth it. I know there are a lot of OSU haters out there, but what kind of fan would I be if I was scared to say GO BUCKS!!!

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