First Cycle Questions

  1. First Cycle Questions

    Hey guys,

    Nice site here, I have been asking around and googling basicly everything got to do with the cycle I have picked. So here it is so far

    Deca 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate) - 300 MG - A Week - Week 1-10
    Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol) - 50 MG - A Week - Week 6-10

    Clomid 3 weeks after last shot of Deca.

    Is this ok for first cycle is there anything I can do to improve our anything im not doing?.

    3 Questions about this cycle.

    1 : Gyno - Is my dosage too small to cause this?
    2 : Deca Dick - I currently have a crazy high sex drive anyway so im wondering how badly will this effect it?.
    3 : Also do you have to shoot up or can you drink. (I dont mind shooting up but drinking would be most comfortable option)

    Some Information About me,

    Im 21 Been training/GYM since 17 i spent over 2 years in the gym using creatine and protein I had a nice gain from this also with my gain i gained a high percentage of BF due to bad diet which i have since learned. I stopped the gym for close to a year im 6 ft 1in ,I lost a lot of weight coming from over 224 pounds down as low as 160 pounds was a hugh drop for me.

    About 6 months ago i started back the gym on creatine and protein again im around 178lbs as of now, I took another break for 2 months now my plan of action is to hit the gym hard over the next 9-10 weeks with creatine and protein, Then in about 2-3 months try out this cycle for some lean muscle mass. Is this a good idea im looking for some advice what would you recommand I figure this would be the best place to ask thanks for help.

    Also any helpful information or your input would be much appreciated .

  2. Honestly... I don't think you've learned enough to put together a solid cycle, and I don't think you've been back in the gym long enough to be running one. You really should wait until you see some kind of plateau after about a year without "breaks".

    Firstly: There is no testosterone in this stack, why on earth would you run a long deca cycle with no test? I might not be a fan of huge amounts of test in a cycle, but i feel it is necesary in anything over 4-6 weeks depending on the compound(s) used.
    Secondly: you don't "shoot it up" (this is a term generally used for intraveinous injections), it goes intramuscle.
    Thirdly: You *can* drink it, but your liver will deactivate everything.
    Fourth: How were you planning on using the clomid?


  3. Decanoate 300. And test e 250.
    Deca 600 week
    Test 500 week.
    7 weeks for a first timer..
    Dies that sound crazy?

    I'm 29

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