Advice on my first cycle attempt

  1. Advice on my first cycle attempt

    Been lifting for 33 months and finally I have decided to give up my Natty ways and get some extra help. I'm looking into getting some anavar to use on my first cycle but I'm not sure if I should add anything else. Test sounds tempting but I'm not sure about the needles thing, plus my goal is not to get HUGE, just to get bigger and get shredded.

    So I'm here to ask for any advice on cycling, any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. you really need test in there or you will be sorry. theres also other items you need during cycle and post cycle. why dont you lay out your entire cycle and pct for us to look at and critique
    Noob looking for alot of guidance
    I've got a hold of some omnadren 250(is sustanon better?) and I'm pretty much clueless about steroids. All i know about it is that it easily aromatizes and it holds alot of water

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