Yet another "judge my cycle" thread

  1. Yet another "judge my cycle" thread

    Hey guys, I just thought I'd post the cycle I'm about to start in case anyone wants to discuss. After all, this is a discussion board, right?

    12 Week cycle:
    Note: I will be running GH @ 4iu/day for the duration of the cycle plus one month longer (4 months total)
    Test E 500mg/wk
    Eq 800mg/wk
    Dbol 50mg/day weeks 1-4
    Adex .5mg EOD

    Following the 12 week cycle:
    Wk1: Adex .5mg EOD
    Wk2: Adex .5mg EOD + HCG 500iu ED
    Wk3: Nolva 40mg ED
    Wk4: Nolva 40mg ED
    Wk5: Nolva 30mg ED
    Wk6: Nolva 20mg ED

    Note on GH: I'll be doing 2iu in the morning and 2iu at night, monday through saturday (no GH on sunday)

  2. Stats: Age,lifting experience,previous AAS cycles,and diet.

  3. Age: Almost 24

    Lifting sans AAS: 5 years during which i gained about 20 pounds of muscle

    1st cycle was:
    12wks (Feb '08 - Apr '08)
    test e 500mg/wk
    deca 400mg/wk
    dbol 50mg/day wks 1-4

    My diet is solid (IMO). I am allergic to dairy so I don't eat cheese, ice cream or anything like that. I almost completely stay away from starches (though I cave in sometimes) and sugars (other than from fruit). Lots of meats, poultry, fish, veggies, legumes, nuts & seeds, and fruit. The only liquid I drink is water (and liquor, in moderation).

  4. I like it....a few things.....800mgs EQ is getting just a bit has the tendency to thicken the blood up, so definitely dont go any higher than that. Also, 12 weeks is the minimum I would run EQ. I personally dislike dbol, but if you like it, hey that'll work. Also, Im a firm believer in running GH for long periods of time....4 months is nice.


  5. Ok, I've heard back from enough people on the issue of the 800mg/wk Eq that I'm convinced to drop it down to 600mg/wk. The question is, should I up my test beyond 500mg/wk? If so, to what amount?

    Regarding the GH, I would like to run the GH for 6 months but it is not possible because I'm leaving the country after 4 months.

    Someone on the forums at said the following:

    everything I have read about HGH and I have done it...........says that anything less than six months is pissing in the wind. I would spend the money somewhere else and not waste it myself.
    That's a hefty piece of information for me to consider...we're talking about whether or not I spend $1700. 4 months of 4iu/day wouldn't do jack ****? I've been told it would help me keep my gains, among other things.

    Now I'm flustered. Please help.



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