Creatine and Powerade

  1. Creatine and Powerade

    Is it right to mix creatine with powerade? And does it it matter what flavor of powerade it is?

    I also want to know if i should drink it as a post workout or during my workout?


  2. it doesnt matter what u mix it with and as far as when to take it depending upon how many grams u want to intake a day and its fine to plit it up halfe the serving before u work out and the other half after

  3. You don't really need to mix it with powerade IMO
  4. my opinion on this

    Warning: What follow is my opinion... and is only my relative subjective truth and is subject to change without notice..haha

    My personal thoughts on this.. and I can definetly be wrong is, that Creatine should not really be ingested with powerade preworkout. I would think that Creatine would be fine with powerade after workout, as powerade contains a faster burning carb that will give you an insulin spike, and would be best reserved for after training. Unless you are lifting over 30 mins I don't see a reason for drinking it during a workout. As far as I know, there is no "special flavor" that is better than another, they are all the same.

    Hopefully this helps some. Perhaps someone else has a more "definite answer"?


  5. post-workout... With a whey shake 30 mins later... Then a meal one hour later (carb/pro).. That is how I would do my post-workout nutrition/supplementation.



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