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  1. Talking 8 Weeks Out!

    Finally got around to taking some pics. This is me at 8 weeks out weighing 186lbs. Not sure what % my bf is, last month when I had it checked I was at 9; so who knows. I really need to work on my posing (this was the first time I really practiced hitting the mandatories), I have a song lined up for my routine and I'm beginning to work on that today. I will be entering the 2007 Mr. Titan show in London on April 29th (my first show by the way). Please let me know what you all think!
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  2. Some more...
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by XxBiG_EDxX View Post
    Some more...
    cool man looking good. quads are definately a strong point

  4. im hoping to be show ready in about a year to do my first one

  5. Looking great for 8 weeks out!!! Keep on doing it bro, and I am sure your training and diet will go like a bomb. And you will hand the wankers their bloody arse!!!

    One thing i would say on your side chest, turn your body a tad and bend your knees a little bit sorta like this:http://www.teenbodybuilding.com/wheele07.jpg
    Well I might be wrong as I do not know the Uk posing mandatories...
    But if not this is very helpful my good friend-
    TeenBodybuilding.com - Scott Duncan - Pointers To Posing!


  6. Should be this month isn't it? Let's see some new pictures.


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