Calling on USP Labs! or anyone else with knowledge on the subject!

  1. Thumbs up Calling on USP Labs! or anyone else with knowledge on the subject!

    First i want to start off by saying hello to everyone and good
    thing for this board because i have some very important
    I joined Usplabs board but for some reason it wouldn't let me start
    my own thread which was kinda confusing,but oh well here i am now.I
    am a supplement junkie and my nice girlfriend decided to buy me 4
    anabolic pumps and 2 recreates for a present and i was not too
    familiar with either the products or the company.I took a couple of
    recreates on sunday to see how it would react with my body.

    I always when trying a new stimulant use it on the weekend first
    before using during a work day.Most stims give me awful
    jitters,nervousness so i didn't really know what to expect.I popped
    2 and felt great.Maybe i will leave a review another time i don't
    wanna bore you guys anymore,lets just say this is the best fat
    burner i have ever used and i have been through them all.So i
    started to do reading on anabolic pump to educate myself,i read the
    pump manual on this board already which was a huge help.I want
    everything to be perfect when using pump/recreate together to get
    every thing i can out of them.My diet is great and has been for a
    while.I am carb sensitive so heres a diet i put together for my
    pump/recreate cycle,if that what ya wanna call it.The times are not
    actual but more of a reference since i work at all different times.

    7am get up 2 recreate

    715am 1 pump

    730am meal protein/carbs (30-35 for the first 7 days to see how my
    body reacts and then adjust from there)

    830am 3mile run

    930am back from run 1 scoop whey w/water

    1030am low/no carb meal

    1pm 2 recreate

    1:15pm 1 pump

    130pm pre workout meal with protein/carbs 30-35

    2:15pm workout

    3:15pm 1pump

    3:30-3:45pm protein/carb meal 30-35 carbs

    7pm low/no carb meal

    10pm peptide 1.0 and then bed.

    Tell me what you think.Anyones advice is welcome thanks :good:

  2. Basically, I like it. Be ready to up the carbs as you are playing around with it. I assume this is a cut phase, and I noticed you are running after you load up on carbs before your run in the morning. I'm an advocated of semi fasted cardio to help burn fat, so I might have 1/2 a scoop to a full scoop of whey, but no carbs, then run, and then have your AP and your breakfast.

    That's just me.

  3. just one note - i hear your logic on your choice of grams of carbs after each pump. but i believe for the pump to be effective - you will need to increase it.

  4. 30-35 isn't that much carbs. Like others have said, I would personally increase the carbs especially since you're taking AP which helps shuttle the carbs properly, and your high level of activity will ensure that they are being used by your muscles. In the end it's your call, but you've got a great girlfriend and products there
    Best of luck

    What does your overall macro intake look like? And short/long term goals?

  5. I should point out, it is okay to start at 30-35g, since you are carb sensitive, but just be willing to raise it as you go. If you find you are getting light headed, you definitely need more carbs.

  6. just note - the amount of carbs necessary for anabolic pump's effectiveness has nothing to do with its synergy on your glucose levels and glycemic reactions. it has more to do with the amount required it needs to work your system.
  7. Red face

    Thank you for all the responses its appreciated.I don't know how to multi quote so sorry for not replying individually.This is exactly where my questions and troubles lie with this product.I am very carb sensitive and gain weight very easily.I have manged to keep a great physique with hard work and a spot on diet.I am scared to up my carbs any more than 30-35grams to start with.I wanted to use that as a starting point and work from there.I keep my carbs under a 100 grams a day every day.High protein/moderate fat /very low carbs.

  8. wow.. a nice gf you got.. just play your carbs intake with AP, and you should see the results..


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