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  • Orion Bixler
    Hello there.

    I was curious to know how much longer will the promotion for the liquid formadrol/keto 7 will go on for?
    Will you please send me the new promo. I changes my settings and should be set now. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!
    That's awesome my man :) ..I hear Spain is the place to be !!

    I'm just livin' the dream right now, haha.

    How is med school going for ya anyway ??
    LOL, I did not even realized I asked you LOL
    Hi Steve. Going good brother. Just doing my thing as best I can with what I've got to work with bro.
    Delta Force
    Oh well, maybe next time! I hope you got rewarded handsomely for those tickets, I hear they still put on a great show.
    Great to hear you made it back Steve, hope you are not punishing your body too much now, lol !
    Hey, Steve! I'm still here, just getting ready for the baby. How are you my friend, is everything well with you?
    i have,and then some my friend....thank you.
    Delta Force
    there's some work to do to turn the board into a social networking site...
    these comments should have a timestamp too!
    Iron Lungz
    It's time to change that avatar, Steve! ;-)
    Yeah, it really is a great product! CV2 is excellent as far as energy/focus goes, but I haven't had a chance to put it to the test as far as a fat loss aid, yet. I don't see how it couldn't be awesome - there's studies backing each and every ingredient and I think the combo of 7b-OH and as-1 casein tryptic decapeptide should be AWESOME as far as modulating cortisol levels goes. has great information for the latter compound.
    alright, thanks i'll have to find the book
    Damn man, sound slike me a year ago! I may go out tonight to celebrate but not completely sure yet. I know i'm gonna put a few down at the house first with a few friends :)
    Pm's cleared, all of a sudden I'm a popular guy :D
    Hey steveoph, from one Canadian to another, is this T-911 for real. Day 4 and don't feel a thing.
    Also can u help me or steer me in the right direction re: rep points, member have given them to me on numerous occasions but my tally never goes up...what am I doing wrong?
    thanks for replying by the way!
    Any word on DCP, I just looked through the threads but I guess I missed the ETA?
    The article "Extensive BCAA/EAA Comparison (Xtend,NP Bulk, Purple Wrath, ICE (Ajinomoto) + Others) " is simply fantastic!!!!!!! many thanks
    I'm going to get you Steveoph!
    Thank you friend. Jinx away lol. We need all the prayers we can get ! It is still touch and go with him and we need all the prayers we can get man. How are things going with you buddy?
    Chicks dig dudes with mad reps, it's just a know fact!!! lol
    Iron Lungz
    No, I just feel as if I have a duty to uphold. I am still debating...
    Delta Force
    yep, reps dont mean anything after the first 100k :)

    they're kinda fun to watch though :)
    Iron Lungz
    I'm at a loss for words right now...
    ETA on X-Dreams is roughly the same RNQ on the PDA that we discussed before the MOA of Prime... don't you remember?
    I took the novedex xt back. It seemed like chuck supported the use of 6 oxo as an AI better. So I went to nutraplanet and order a few bottles of trione. Was wondering what dosage you would recommend of it stacked with DTH/Sunami. I just wanna prevent any negative feedback but not kill the ole libido! Can I take the 6 oxo [email protected] low dosage???? Well thanks again for all your info.
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