First Time User 41 years old - UK - Mass GH, Liv.52 & Post Cycle Matrix - Advice

  1. First Time User 41 years old - UK - Mass GH, Liv.52 & Post Cycle Matrix - Advice


    I have finished cutting a few weeks back, reached 9-10% bodyfat and weighed 61kg and had visible abs.* I have since started to try and bulk and build lean muscle and try and minimise any fat gains.

    Around 3 weeks ago I started to increase my calories weekly presently up to 2700 daily but not seen any weight gain as yet despite a new strength program with some GVT sets, so still trying to find out how high I should be increasing my calories.

    Sarms was recommended to me and I was advised Mass GH would be the best all in one product for me.

    I've ordered Mass GH and Liv.52 for on cycle support*and now I'm considering Fusion Supplements Post Cycle Matrix as my all in one PCT.

    Would anyone recommend any better alternative for Post Cycle Matrix as a PCT for Mass GH for a first time user?

    I presently train 6 days a week average, although presently I've done 9 days in succession as I am a gym addict, in the future I'd ideally look to cut this down to 5 days a week.* Presently I have the energy and time to go 6 days a week without too much difficultly and tiredness from my previous session.

    I planned to only take 2 capsules a day for Mass GH - It was recommended that it's taken with two meals a day.

    Liv.52 unsure presently need to read up on when these should be taken with Mass GH?

    I normally train around lunch time occasionally in a fasted state of around 15-16 hours.

    If anyone has advise on usage of Mass GH, Liv.52 and PCT then please advise?

    Thanks in advance

  2. bro POST CYCLE MATRIX IS NOT need a SERM...

  3. Thanks. I have ordered Clomid.

    I've been taking 2 capsules of MASS GH daily since 18.09.18 along with 4 capsules of Liv.52.
    It's been around 2 weeks now and whilst my weight has gained (approx 3kg from 61kg to 64kg), I struggle to stay at 2700 calories due to increased appetite and I have not gained any additional strength gains as yet.

    My other slight concern is that my belly region appears to have increased around 0.5 inches.

    My lifts have not increased as yet and I am feeling tiredness when I reach 8 reps+ on most exercises.
    I have stopped IF and I do take carbs prior to workouts.
    I am still working out 6 days a week and not been able to stop myself from having more rest days as yet.

    Targeted calories 2700 so I am now struggling at sticking to 2700 which from what I have been told is down to MAAS GH.
    Should I increase my MASS GH dosage to three a day - if yes then please suggest if I should have capsules with three meals or two capsules at the same time in morning or night? (Some MASS GH guys I spoke to mentioned they ended up increasing their dosages 3 and 4!)

    Should my target calories remain at 2700 - if not then please advise on suggested target calories - as in should I increase a little or decrease a little - it is difficult to assess as without MASS GH I would decrease if I gained as much as I have had in one week?

    If I am exceeding calories and my average calories over a week will be higher than 2700 daily - is it ok for me to incorporate cardio classes such as fat burn 30 mins to minimise fat gains and burn the excess calories - a personal trainer previously advised that I should stop all cardio classes etc as it will minimise any muscle gains?

    If yes to Thai Boxing / fat burn classes - should these be done on non strength training days or can these be done after a strength workout or if I train at lunch time then class in evening - which of these would be most effective for maximising any muscle gains?
    Should I take flu vaccination whilst on MASS GH or PCT Cycle?

    I was considering lazer hair removal would results of this be affected if done whilst on MASS GH or PCT cycle?

    With regards to PCT I have ordered Clomid and Supr3 PCT and I plan to take Clomid 50mg daily for two weeks and then 25mg daily for two weeks and alongside this SUpr3 PCT 10 capsules daily rather than 8 capsules daily and stop Liv.52 during PCT - if you have any further suggestions on this please let me know?

    Appreciate you may not be able to answer all the above questions, but if you have suggestions then I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

  4. first of all your pct with clomid and sup3r pct is very good! its the best pct i believe.. BUT! your only on cycle support is liv52 (himalaya)? if yes i believe that you need some NAC ,and omega 3 . as for the dose .,i believe that 30 mg for ibutamoren is maybe overkill (the right dose is 25 mg ) so if you want to up the dosage of lgd just buy another olympus labs legend bottle . (only lgd and not ibutamoren on this version) my brother used mass gh at 2 caps for 2 months and is very happy with the results . dont know about cardio but keep in mind that mk 677 maybe will bloat you , when i used this i notice some water retention so , cardio maybe is helpful.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips very helpful.
    Once I've completed MASS GH and PCT Cycle how soon after can I start something else and what recommendations would you make?
    Legend only etc?

    Should I actually be increasing calories to get the potential additional gains MASS GH offers or is that not required?
    At 2700 I think prior to MASS GH I was at the right level for small weight gain of around 0.4-kg-0.5kg over a week, however since taking MASS GH at around similar calories my weight has increased by 2.4kg approx presently over 3 weeks so unsure if this is the right level of an increase and due to increased weight I think my calories should perhaps be increased by 100-200 - but again I'm not sure?

    I think weight gain over the last week has remained at a similar level.


  6. time on time off if you run mass gh for 8 weeks, you should wait another 8 weeks and get bloods to see if you are test is back . how you feel?? do you noticed any shut down or libido loss??
    Also for your next run i will suggest you a mild cycle with h-drol for 6 weeks and if you want you can add some 11 andro .. this will help with fat loss also

  7. Just a quick update, I now on my final week with Mass GH and Liv.52 and I have remained on the recommended dosages of 2 capsules a day for Mass GH.
    My weight gain is presently around 4 kgs and fat gained around belly is around 1 inch.

    I just had the following queries:

    1) For my PCT I was planning to take - Supr3 PCT, Clomid, NAC, R Nutrition Testo Fusion - Testo Fusion was given to me as a gift. Does the dosages below seem ok - would you suggest removing/adding anything? Would Testo Fusion give any additional benefits or should I revert to that only after completing Supr3?

    I plan to take Clomid 50mg daily for two weeks and then 25mg daily for two weeks and alongside this SUpr3 PCT 10 capsules daily rather than 8 capsules daily, Testo Fusion 6 capsules on training days and 3 on non training days and stop Liv.52 during PCT.

    2) Following PCT and after taking 12 weeks off after PCT is finished - which particular product would you recommend which would aid in muscle gain?

    3) H-Drol for 6 weeks and 11 andro which were recommend to me after PCT and taking 12 weeks off - any recommendations on where to purchase these?

    4) Not experiencing any joint pain / soreness etc as yet so would there be any value in purchasing and taking Glucosamine HCL & chondroitin?

    Thanks for your help.


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