4ad 150x6 vs 200x4

  1. 4ad 150x6 vs 200x4

    Just wanted to see if anyone has an insight or preferably previous history on running 4andro as a single ph cycle and why you chose that dose/length.
    The options are both 2 bottles (60caps per bottle at 50mg per cap)
    Option 1: 150mg/ day for 6 weeks
    Option 2: 200mg/ day for 4 weeks
    I've ran msten/ 1andro before but it's been some time so I wanted to go with a simpler stack at a decent dose, however from what I've searched it seems 4 andro's sweet spot for dosing is around 300-400mg. Therefore, I'm wondering if running for the six weeks is even worth the body stress. I've searched the forum for hours however it always s seems that 4andro is used as and add on and not a stand-alone. On cycle/ Pct is all covered (cycle support, ultra male, clomid, and a sh!t ton of water). Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong forum, I'll copy paste/ wherever needed. All posts welcome, Cheers

  2. I know they're different compounds but I'm logging 1 andro currently and was going to do 130 for 8 weeks or 260 for 4.
    I ended up purchasing 1 test and running it for 350 for 8 weeks and im glad I did.

    Currently in week 4-5 and its starting to kick in.
    I'd say around week 3 it slowly creeped in so I would advise against running it for 4 weeks, it'd be deemed useless tbh.
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  3. Should be in anabolics but 4-andro solo is pretty pointless even at proper doses - honestly wouldn’t bother with what you’ve outlined bro, more negatives than positives by a long way.

    Also your subject is 4ad but your talking 4-andro. Slightly different compounds with different dosing.....

  4. This^^. You will see no gains and have a lighter wallet.

  5. Febus thanks for the info, probably will run a 5-6 week cycle then, I've actually ran 2 four week cycles in the past and all I remember is how hard they hit in week three, you have great workouts for a week, then bam, time for PCT and to try to stay as anabolic as possible
    Whisky yeah I just realized I typed 4ad in the subject, should be 4andro, my bad... thanks for your comment, I've ran 4andro in the past and have really liked the outcome, I'd like two stick to two non-methylated compounds but a meth/non-meth stack isn't out of the picture, just need to add tudca and other things in support



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