Natural Sterol Complex (i know, i know, newbie question, just read)

  1. Natural Sterol Complex (i know, i know, newbie question, just read)

    i bought a bottle of this stuff when i didnt know about supplements and such. So the guy at the supps. store told me to get this since i told him i wanted mass. Universal's Natural Sterol Complex is the one i got. It also states at the bottom "Mass And Density Enhancer" i mean this has to do something good in high doses, or at the recommended dosage it should do something if not do what it states. I mean i did waste money on it and i plan to use it, so try helping me out with this in how i should take it, with what i should stack it for better results, what it will help me with, what it will do, etc.

    What's in it?
    Serving size: 6 Tablets
    Each serving provides:
    Mexican Wild Yam Root: 1000mg
    Smilax Officinalis Extract: 1000mg
    Muira Puama: 1000mg
    Gotu Kola:515mg
    Boron: 3mg
    Gamma Oryxanol: 500mg
    Fucosterol: 7959mcg
    Beta Sitosterol: 5663mcg
    Campesterol: 3376mcg
    Stigmasterol: 1924mcg
    Other Sterols: 10091mcg
    Bee Pollen: 1000mg
    Guarana: 500mg
    Korean Ginseng: 100mg
    Cytochrome C: 100mg
    Dimethylglycine: 100mg
    Inosine: 100mg
    Royal Jelly: 30mg
    Kola Nut: 25mg
    Calcium: 200mg
    Magnesium: 100mg
    Potassium: 99mg
    Linoleic Acid: 1040mg
    Oleic Acid: 698mg
    Palmitic Acid: 263mg
    Linoleic Acid: 109mg
    Stearic Acid: 56mg
    Lignoceric Acid: 14mg
    Arachidonic Acid: 13mg
    Behenic Acid: 6mg
    Myristic Acid: 5mg
    Octacosanol: 1650mcg
    RNA: 60mg
    DNA: 30mg
    Capsicum: 100mg
    Alfalfa: 100mg
    Dandelion Root: 100mg
    Garlic: 100mg
    Yellow Dock: 100mg
    Licorice Root: 100mg
    Hops: 100mg
    Milk Thistle: 10mg

    Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets - take 2 tablets after each meal. On training days, take 2 tablets one half hour before workouts and 2 tablets after two meals.As with all exercise and nutrition programs, please consult your physician first.

    Thanks, The-Prophet aka Conceptions

  2. These are liver tab rip offs. Another Universal Scam Suppelement. I swear, they would be out of business if not for their liver tabs and egg protein.

  3. Thats a lot of stuff. Wild yam is supposed to convert to DHEA in the body, but it doesn't.

  4. Besides being a scam, is this good for anything besides going to the garbage? i mean ANYTHING? lol

  5. Yea, the pills are heavy, maybe they'll build up and put a pound or two on you

  6. haha!

    Come on! i'm getting sad here, it cost me like 20 bucks and i dont work! so it was alot of money for me in that time! lol

  7. you could take it, nothing in its going to hurt you
    looks like it may be good for preworkout


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