Vector, Follidrone 2.0 log/ Show prep log.

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  1. Vector, Follidrone 2.0 log/ Show prep log.

    Ok so here it goes. This will be my first log ever and my first show prep ever so I figured it would only be beneficial for me to do both at the same time.

    I officially started Vector and follidrone 2.0 on Saturday March 10th. I have been and will be dosing Vector at 2 caps 3 times a day morning, noon, pwo.

    Follidrone is 1 cap in the a.m. and 2 pwo.
    Other sups include a multi-vitamin and the occasional fat burner( Black Viper by ASL)- Iíve been using this on and off mainly for energy on my low days.

    Current weight as of sat March 10th was 151.6 always taken in the a.m.
    I will be including some photos taken the 10th of March as well to gauge progress.

    Eating is clean and strict averaging around 1700-2100 daily depending on what lifts Iím doing and how much time I have for cardio.( this may need to be adjusted higher with the use of vector?) we will see.

    My goals with this log is to track my progress to show time and hopefully retain as much muscle as possible if not add some through the use of the vector/follidrone.

    I have been journaling my first few days of using this product and will be posting those journals shortly.

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    Good luck on your show! and the log.

    I'm sure everyone is eagerly anticipating your journal entries when available, and to get feedback on your experience.
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  3. 10 March First dose.

    Took both Vector and Follidrone 2.0 pwo. Initially I would say that I had a better all-around pump than normal for a shoulders and abs day. Nothing major right off the bat but did feel extremely pumped for the rest of the day afterwards. Continued dosing protocol as stated in first post. Finished the day at

    1790 cals
    176P, 141C, 58F

    11 March

    Same as before good pump on hammies, calves, forearms lift session. Went up on weight for RDL felt strong. Once again slight pump for rest of day.
    2100 ish cals this day. Not sure why I didn’t write it down.

    12 March

    Back to work. Felt a major pump kick in around 1 p.m. about an hour after second dose of Vector stuck around till the end of the day. Lots of veins in the gym today, chest and tris. Up on bench press and incline dumbbell press. (plan to post actual numbers later on to give bench marks for lifts and then will only update on major lift increases as the arrive.). Did not sleep well this night and woke up a bunch. (However I feel fully energized this a.m. 13 March).

    264P, 138C, 38F
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  4. subbed for progress / feedback.

  5. ok so since I don't have a high enough post count my starting pics cannot be added to this thread but I have uploaded them to an album in my profile for reference!

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    Good luck on your show! and the log.

    I'm sure everyone is eagerly anticipating your journal entries when available, and to get feedback on your experience.
    Thank You. I will do my best with both! I am very excited!

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    subbed for progress / feedback.

  8. Nice detail to start, in for the ride!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Nice detail to start, in for the ride!
    Thanks I will try to keep with it as much as possible I am an avid tracker of things but will probably have to post updates of several days at a time

  10. Have you used FD2 before?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Slims View Post
    Have you used FD2 before?
    No I have not I am brand new to BLR and their products. I have only ever used Anafuse , or massacr3 before trying these.

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  13. Im in this

  14. Subbed! Enjoy the progress by utilizing BLR products!
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  15. Im in

  16. Awesome! In on this!
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  17. 13 March

    Had to edit my previous posts as I had gotten off on my dates. Anyways this stuff has given me a wonderful feeling of just sustained energy throughout the day. I am not a GREAT sleeper and often times am dragging butt in the a.m. but lately when the alarm goes off I am up and ready to go and feel that going through the entire day.

    Trained legs today and it was one of my best since I’ve started cutting! The leg pump was RIGHT NOW!! Had a very good lift and all lifts felt very strong once again. (Even saw some leg veins working their way through.). Usually pretty spent after leg day but when I finished I felt like I hadn’t hardly lifted.

    45 min after leg lifts ran 15x50M sprints. Felt great and once again afterwards it was like I had hardly done anything and could do a bunch more.

    I’ve noticed that after lifting with this stuff that the pump in the muscles hangs around for quite a while. I could feel a light pulsing in my legs like a residual pump 5 hours after lifting.

    food 230P 238C 40F
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    Im in this
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    Subbed! Enjoy the progress by utilizing BLR products!
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    Im in
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    Awesome! In on this!
    Thanks all! I'm loving this so far!

  19. lifting stats since the start of this log for a base line.

    O.H press 135x8
    Bench 245x4
    Squat 245x10
    bent row 245x8
    deads-(will update when I do them next) before the start of this log it was 365x5

  20. Subbed. I just started a solo Vector run 2 days ago.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by ELROCK View Post
    Subbed. I just started a solo Vector run 2 days ago.

    Enjoy it I know I have been!

    I started to notice a little bit of hunger coming on today more than normal... I saw the guys on the release thread have been getting HUNGRY!

    I am interested to see how my lifts are affected by the Follidrone and Vector while doing this prep.

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  23. subbed....good luck!

  24. Subbed as well..

    I am also in the midst of a FD2/Vector run!

    Ironically, I am currently not lifting due to a tweaked elbow

  25. Thanks for subbing guy's


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