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  • That would be amazing, sir. On 1st week of formeron; one helluva product you made.

    Are you able to give a template of your version of DC training. I found it to be an effective program. I'm curious to see how you incorporate your 4 sec negatives, drop sets, and split.
    I'm sorry , I worded that wrong. I want to run a cycle of Epistane maybe 40/40/40/40. Do you think I could use Formeron in place of a serm. I've used formeron by itself and got good results but everyone keeps saying formeron shines as a PCT.
    Brundel, can you use Formeron as Epistane Cycle standalone pct? With things added like CEL pct assist and my osta rx?
    One last question. Would it be ok to take a fat burner pill like cellucor super HD in conjunction with Formeron? I have been on the Formeron for 7 days now. Thanks
    Ok thanks! I do cardio 30-40 minutes 5 days a week and lift five days a week as well. Would you recommend that I do 1 pump morning and night? I will try a d stay away from sugar and the alcohol! It's hard to do in the summertime! Note I have 53 days till our trip!Thanks
    I forgot to add I am 35 years of age. 5"10 200lbs. Bigger build type of body. Just want to make sure no pct. can I take for 8 weeks till we go? I've read a bunch of your threads but I wanted your response to my own circumstance.

    Hey Brundel,

    I have a question about Formeron. My buddy bought 4 bottles and gave me two of them. I've been a little hesitant because I have never used any type if steroid before! Anyways to make along story short I am getting ready for my buddies bachelor party in August! I work out alot 5 days a week at a minimum! Can't seem to get the top layer off that I want! My boy said that this stuff will do the trick. I would be using Formeron by itself! Could you give me your thoughts to ease the mind! I would AppreciAte it!!
    It really depends but since both reduce estrogen I would probably only do this if testosterone was included. I think test should be in pretty much every cycle so....just run some test with it.
    Would you recommend formeron during an epi cycle or would that be too much estro suppression?
    Thanks for advice bro... About time i had some clear anwsers!
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