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Liquid Labs Te

Liquid Labs strives to provide the last legal prohormones that Congress intended to remain available to consumers to promote health

Liquid Labs Te is made in a GMP facility and gives your body the precursor hormone to testosterone with some “anecdotal” reports that users have said it felt like they were using the real deal.

Testosterone is the parent male hormone and is the most important hormone for building muscle, staying lean, and feeling like a man!

Liquid Labs Te is a must have in any prohormone mass cycle as it forms your ‘testosterone base’. This “base’ potentially eases side effects and gives your body much needed supporting hormones on a cycle to help you grow!

Testosterone is vital for a healthy male body and studies have shown men to be deficient in this hormone due to the massive amounts of chemicals in our diets.

Studies have shown men need ample testosterone levels for general health, sexual function and to preserve muscle tissue. Many people make the mistake of taking a prohormone like DMZ or other banned substance thinking that adding this to their body will have only the effects listed on the bottle. What unscrupulous marketers won’t tell you is that when you add prohormones to your body, your natural test production decreases. This is why you need a ‘Test base.’ alone or stacked with other prohormones.

Liquid Labs Te is that “test base” in the form of its prohormone! This prohormone has been shown in studies to convert into testosterone in your body!

“Test is best” for growth, nothing puts on mass like testosterone. And this is another reason you want this in every mass cycle!

Skip the black market route an go with the best legal prohormone to testosterone still left on the market. Make Liquid Labs Te part of your cycle or use it alone to give you the benefits of increased testosterone.