Lean Mass & Recovery Stack From BDC

  1. Lean Mass & Recovery Stack From BDC

    The description is wrong at the member store. It says it offers one of the most powerful oral substances, I think they mean 1,4andro, but its not listed as a product you would recieve with this stack. The stack on the website says 1 bottle of T-1pro 1bottle clomid and 1 bottle of novaldex. Am I reading this wrong or something

  2. Power nutrition
    Probably a typo.
    I would refer this to the Power Nutrition forums since they are now the member store and they can either explain there website better then we can. It definitly is a confusing statement. It leads me to think that you should be receiving not only the T-1 but an Oral PH as well. Let them know.


    You havent paid your dues for joining my user ID member club yet. That will be $60 a month or the year for $350.

  3. Power Nutrition
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    No No...the T-1 is now to be taken orally. Just kidding!!

    Thanks for the info. That is a typo and I have since fixed it to read correctly.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Power Nutrition

  4. My T-1 pro taste like crap. I think its spoiled or something. I want my money back.

  5. LOL I smelled my 1-t/hydroxytest/4-ad transdermal, I think it might come close to as bad of a taste as liquid nolva

  6. d piece, have you started that yet?


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