Critique My cutting stack.

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  1. Critique My cutting stack.

    Usnic Acid
    Synephrine (Can't handle ephedra)
    Green Tea Extract

    T1 Pro (moderate dose) off and on with 60X0 between cycles.

    What is the dosage for Usnic acid recommended (I have heard several things).

    What do you guys think of 7Keto I haven't heard too much about it yet.

    I will be cutting for an extended period this year, I tend to get pretty chubby during the off season and I want to get extra ripped this year as the competition is going to be fierce. I may diet as long as 20 weeks. I hope to be around 205 at 4%. I should be able to do it now that I have more experience.

  2. 7Keto should be very good but it takes about 2 months to really start getting the full effects. Apparently if you take just a little T3 after 6-8 weeks on 7 keto you will cut like a freaking mad man. I guess its pretty incredible.



  3. Cut like a freakin Madman, sounds good, thanks winwords. Only problem is, is that triiodothyronine is a banned substance.

    Are there any supps that are good for increasing T3 levels there are some that claim to.

  4. What type of cycling were you planning on doing for the T1 Pro? 

  5. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    Cut like a freakin Madman, sounds good, thanks winwords. Only problem is, is that triiodothyronine is a banned substance.

    Are there any supps that are good for increasing T3 levels there are some that claim to.
    Are you being tested for T3? If not, there is still a product out...


  6. Originally posted by bigpetefox

    Are you being tested for T3? If not, there is still a product out...

    I thought that was T2?

    Last T3 product I've seen was a Triax knockoff about a year ago. Since then it's gone the way of the cuckoo.

  7. As long as I can get the product across the counter it's ok. Thanks Pete I am going to try to see if I can get he pharmaceutical equivilent. I have a connection who gets the stuff from a guy who supplies the pharmacies and hospitals.

    One thing that puzzles me though, is why bother with the 7Keto, isn't it just to build up your T3. If your taking T3 anyway what's the point of 7Keto unless you take it during down times.

    UofR Man I plan on moderate dosing 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off 2 ml twice daily, I don't see the point of elevated dosage on a cutting cycle. In between I will be taking tribulus and 6 Oxo.

  8. Hey Dream, I'm not sure of the science. You wold need to talk to 1fast400 about that. He was talking to several guys at the "O" who said the same thing repeatedly about 7Keto for 6+ weeks and then adding a little T3, not much from what he said, and then cutting like crazy. My guesstimation is that it must have some other synergistic effect that casues the rapid cutting but I am not an expert in this arena. It seemed like 7keto was a very popular subject at the O and the people were hailing it's many benefits.


  9. The O ??

  10. Mr. Olympia 2002!

  11. T Rx is T2 by the way. 3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine

  12. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    T Rx is T2 by the way. 3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine

    I'm gonna have to hit that stuff about the last month pre-contest to really get the shredz goin'


    (with a side of UA and ECA or NYC....hehe)

    well...maybe just the ECA or NYC

    and then use Cytodyne's Taraxatone or Met-Rx's H20 Fx the last couple of days precontest.






    PS....WHOA!!! I just saw on the in the "warnings" says to NOT combine with stimulants....hmmmm...kinda makes you think.....OF DOING IT ANYWAY!!!!....HAHAHAHHA

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  13. Is T3 only prescribed?  Anyone from Canada know if we can get this here?

    What would you need to say/have to get a prescription?

  14. This is a similar stack to what I was thinking.  My plan is 16 week cut cycle I will be doing ckd outlined by blindfaith.  I will run an eca stack throughout.  7 keto, CLA, HMB, Glutamine throughout as well.   I will be doing a Sodium usniate cycle for 2 weeks week 2-3. Take a week off and then do a 2 week t1-pro week 5-6 followed by 6-oxo 1 week off then another 2 of SU 8-9. repeating the process

    How hard is t1-pro on the liver should I take more time in-between SU and T1-pro cycles?

    Depending upon t3 availabitlity I may take that as well. 

    For a kick to eca after 4-6 weeks I may add yohimbine HCL. 

    Is xenadrine worth taking with a eca?

    I know this is extreme but I want to drop about 40-50lbs in that time.


  15. Lifeguard Taraxatone was my undoing I couldn't peak with this stuff, I'm goin straight water depletion this time. I am looking into sodium loading as well.

    Yah I have been asking around and people are pretty high on T2. I am very interested in your guys Yohimbe Homebrew as well.

  16. Originally posted by Gmonkey
    Is xenadrine worth taking with a eca?

    Xenadrine is a eca!

  17. Originally posted by dodgeee-O

    Xenadrine is a eca!
    (sorry, had to_

  18. In canada Xenadrine is ephedrine free.

  19. Originally posted by Gmonkey
    In canada Xenadrine is ephedrine free.
    you sure you aint just looking about the xenadrine efx? im sure you guys up there sell both the efx and regular rfa (ephedrine included). i aint testing your knowledge but im thinking cytodyne sells both kinds anywhere.

  20. Ya it was the EFX as no one I know carries the regular one.  Something about selling ephdra as a decongestant vs fat burning.

  21. I found one site that sold it but now doesn't anymore. Too much ephedra in each dosage so it's now banned.

  22. Is the RFX any good, I need a good thermogenic that is not too heavy on ephedra.

    I have decided to cycle some T2 with a good thermogenic. I still have the ALA and the T1 pro which I will cycle taking 6oxo and tribulus in between.

    I plan on getting some of the yohimbe brew as well.

  23. The EFX is the most returned product at my job Dream Weaver. I've used it and only felt a reduction in appetite. Not worth it IMO

  24. Thanks I meant RFA but I have got my friend to mix me an ECA with real ephedrine, here's a news flash the sides from the real stuff are much easier than the Ma Huang (for me anyway) go figure.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  25. I never thought about T3. I'm doing a PH cycle now with liquid Clen, but I am definitely looking to get ripped up after my cycle. It seems to be fine to stack with an ECA. What is everyone's experience stacking it with one? Would it be wise to keep the ECA going with T3 for 4 weeks and then go back on the T3 4-6 weeks later? I've always been a little skeptical of products that mess with your thyroid. Is it as safe as it says it is?


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