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  • chefbo
    dream i keep missing the logs . i guess i need to go on th esite more than i do. is there anyway to pm guys when these start? thanks bo.
    I am just using my current C20 log right now and will start a new one next week when I start my cycle...
    am i a total fng in the forums or have you not made up a log for your transformers competition?
    shoot me a PM with your e-mail Doug..i have limited ability to post anything on this site.
    Thanks snags that and a little crazy have taken me a long way :)
    if Rolln would only look at your logs, your hard work would become very apparent.
    keep leading the way, my friend..outstanding.
    Honestly! PLEASE tell me, how do you look like that at Fifty-freakin-Three!!? Im 38 and not even close! =/
    Doug, just stopping in to say that what you are doing is AMAZING, I mean that from a personal not FINAFLEX REP point of view and I Love your new Avatar by the way, it has your personality and style all over it! Keep on keeping on Brotha!!! You are gonna knock-em-dead at your Show, I just hope you can make it down to the Dixie show here in Atlanta, GA, would love to meet you in person, but if not, it's a long ways, I understand!
    Thanks Scotty, if you're not having fun then why do it lol it's not like it's easy... then if it was it would be no fun...
    I love the picts in your album, incredible physique, I really like the facial expressions, you look like you really like to have fun, I do the same kinds of stuff, LOL!
    Hey Dream! I know you are a big fan of formestane. I just purchased some formestane lv from primordial. You have any advice on how much to use and how long and what a 35 year old natural lifter might experience?
    totally agree. Thanks for bringing that up.
    hi, I am chemone01 . Hope to become friend with you and discuss the fashional bodybuilding.
    hey bro please pm me on the Gabob\Gaba product looks interesting.
    I am not the one to ask about anabolics if your talking PH's or PS's. I am a natural competitor and don't take anything that can cause shutdown.
    whats up man, you were the first name i saw so i clicked on you. this is my first time on anabolic minds and i really dont know what im doing. i posted some things and never got any feedback. dont know if i did correct or not.??. but i was trying to get some adviceon some anabolics?
    Thank you very much for the quick reply. My diet and training are spot on so that is not an issue. I was just thinking of trying something else. I am currently using ZMA, HMB, NO, Creatine, EFA, ALA and BCAA. I am just looking to try something new to put on some mass. I am currently 6'2 193lbs 8% BF. I am doing a show through Jamor on October 3rd in Woodstock Ontario. After that though it is growth time. Just want to stay natural thats all. Take care.
    Hey there,

    First off I would like to say hello. I am also from Canada, Ontario actually in Sault Ste. Marie. I was thinking of competing in some natural shows in the next little while but wanted to put on some more size. What types of natural supplements have you used with success in mass gain as you seem to know more than me in regards to banned substances? What organizations do you compete in IDFA, UFE etc. Thanks in advance.
    Yah lookin forward to this stack, going to be some ground breaking changes here. That is if I survive lol gonna be intense!!
    Enjoying your log and thanks for all of the input you had on mine. Your next stack looks great!
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