Where to start for new bodybuilders

  1. Where to start for new bodybuilders

    As a title, I'm a beginner, so how should I eat?

  2. Depending on your current physical condition, you must let others know more to help you get reasonable advice.
    Calm down,its life,mate.its only a game

  3. 60/20/20 macros are always a decent place to start, but definitely should post up stats

  4. Your goal is to be a competitive bodybuilder?

  5. Get a coach

  6. What are your stats

  7. 5 meals a day
    Meal 1 6 whole eggs 1 cup oatmeal or 2 servings oatmeal.
    Meal 2
    6.5 oz chicken/ 1 cup rice / 5 asparagus Spears or half cup broccoli
    Meal 3
    5 oz Salmon / 8oz potato / cup of broccoli
    Meal 4
    7 oz sirloin / 1 cup rice / cup broccoli
    Meal 5
    10 egg whites and one cup of oatmeal
    2842 calories 240p/300c/78f

    I eat about like that during season a bit different now since trying to add size. Google coaches in the area

  8. It all depends on the mass you want to gain and the albs you want to develop.

  9. Yea depends on what you want and your stats. In the beginning i highly recommend a 500-1000 calorie surplus if your light. If someone wants to be thinner i recommend eating maintenance. If someone is obese i recommend 500 calories bellow.


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