Storefront Open?

  1. Storefront Open?

    I know the site is down for maintenance/CC Issues, but is the store front still open?

    Am I able to drove in and place an order in person? I've been in twice, in the past. Only about 75 minute drive for me. Work up there quite often as well.

    Maybe I'll give a call later.

  2. looks good

  3. yes both the storefront and website are open for business

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Suppremacy View Post
    yes both the storefront and website are open for business
    Do you have any plans to reinstate the AM5 code?

    Will you have more Portal shots in stock, in the future?

    Have any left over Tr1umph?
    Iconic Formulations Rep.
    APE = 25% off
    PM for help with our line.

  5. That code now works. The 2nd question depends on if Matt will make them although I believe we have an alternative coming out. Tr1umph all sold out unfortunately



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